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Electronic Kits around the world.

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Dec 30, 2004
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heathkit ad-1308

I request all of you to share the link for electronic kits dealer around the world.

ad-1308 heathkit

Here's a short list from Yahoo

**broken link removed**

# Ramsey Electronics, Inc. - retailers of electronic and paging test equipment, hobby kits, ham and pirate radio, and related equipment.
# Elecraft - makers of high-performance transceivers and accessories that you can easily build yourself, for hands-on ham radio hobbyists and others.
# Cana Kit Corporation - manufacturer of educational and professional electronic kits.
# Quasar Electronics - supplies electronic project kits and circuit plans.
# Electronic Rainbow - manufacturer of electronic kits for the hobbyist as well as for education, industry, detective operations, and law enforcement.
# Engineering Lab - surface mount electronic component engineering kits.
# Mighty's Pirate Radio - offers MAX-1 transmitter kits.
# ApogeeKits Electronic Kits and Tools - offers electronic kits and products for beginners to advanced. Features electronic hand and bench tools, meters, oscilloscopes, and anti-static mats.
# Allied Enterprises Electronic Kits - offers educational electronic lab kits to study parts, schematics, and wiring diagrams while building a variety of projects with unique functions.
# DDI Technologies - offers kits for stepper and DC motors, automation controls, and other electronic gadgets.

heath ad-1308

I miss Heathkit.
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**broken link removed**

advanced electronic kits

Was HeathKit part of Zenith (headquartered in Chicago?) ? I remember seeing lots of HeathKit stuff back in the late 80's -- I had totally forgotten about them.

ad1308 heathkit

Yes, Zenith owned Heathkit (Heath Company) from 1979 to 1989. They are still in business selling educational products.

Heathkit was popular for there radio related kits in old days of radio. Any one of you ever build radio from Heathkit?

educational electronics kits

Heathkit amateur radio equipment was very popular during the 1960s. I was just a little kid then, but during the 70s and 80s I built many other Heathkits - test instruments, stereo equipment, a color TV, etc. Most of them are still working today. A year ago I found an unassembled AD-1308 audio spectrum analyzer on eBay, and spent a nice weekend reliving the kit building experience.

heathkit ad 1308

Mr. echo47 where are you from. Can we share some info about Heathkit and Radio. Please PM me.

head ad 1308

see this link for some free projects:
**broken link removed**

electronic building kits south africa

In south africa

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