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DXP - Protel room keeps getting removed

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Jan 22, 2006
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I am using Altium DXP. I have a few months experience. I have a master Schematic document with three sub sheets. I am using the master schematic to update to the PCB document. Basically all the components are on the subsheets. The master schematic only connects a few sheet entries together.

I want each of the sub sheets to be a seperate room on the PCB document. This seems to be the default behaviour. Somehow I have managed to delete one of the rooms. So now when I do an update to the PCB doc I only have two rooms.

I have tried manually adding the room to the PCB but when I next do a PCB update from Schematic, it removes the room.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? How does DXP decide whether a schematic will be a new room or not?



Right click on the project name in the "Projects" panel. Select "Project Options"; go to the "Classe Generation" tab; select the options you wish for "Rooms".

You can also make your selection for multichannel designs on the "MultiChannel" tab. Each channel is automatically assigned to a room when created.


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Thanks for the help House_Cat. Is there any sites etc that you can suggest I visit in order to learn more about DXP? Or is trial and error my best approach? It seems they have released a few new versions as well.

One last question (I can't find the answer anywhere on this board) why do the words Protel and Altium get changed? Is there some trademark issues?


The only web site where you will find information about DXP is the Altium website. You also have a "Help" sub directory in your installation directory that has PDF manuals explaining various features. You can access that help either directly or from the "Help" menu.

The new versions all have context sensitive help that can be accessed by simply hitting 'F1' while the cursor is on a menu command. The newest version (AD6) has a help panel that will change its display to match the command currently being used.

The original name of the company was Protel. They only offered PCB and schematic capture software. As the small company grew, they purchased a number of other companies with electronic design and analysis software products. They consolidated those individual programs into a single EDA suite. They also incorporated and offered public shares of the corporation. The corporate name was changed to Altium from Protel. All new products are named for the new corporation. Protel no longer exists as a separate product, and no longer exists as a separate company.

Thanks for the info, I was more asking about why the words were written in the forum the way they are. ie using the '@' instead of the 'A' in Altium.

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