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ds5000 program circuit?

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ds5000 microcontroller assembly programming

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DS5000 Sample Code **broken link removed**

The files contained in this group are sample programs demonstrating various aspects of the DS5000 processor. These programs were assembled using the Metalink 8051 assembler, but the syntax is general, so it should be compatible with any 8051 assembler.
5KSMPL01.ASM: Demonstrates how the application code can move the partition address.

5KSMPL02.ASM: Demonstrates an alternative timed access procedure.

5KSMPL03.ASM: Demonstrates the application of the Watchdog Timer.

5KSMPL04.ASM: Illustrates register indirect addressing.

5KSMPL05.ASM: ROM Loader feature illustration.

MODS5K.ASM: Register and bit definitions

DS5000TK Microcontroller Evaluation Kit software
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Self-extracting file containing executable programs that are available in the DS5000TK. Can be used with most Soft/Secure Microcontroller family devices.
Kit.exe: PC-host program used for interfacing to the Soft/Secure microcontroller bootstrap loader. It uploads/downloads code and data, allows the examination or modification of memory, and provides an easy way to set the memory configuration registers.
KIT.htm: Instructions on the use of the KIT.EXE software.
Kit5K.htm: Instructions on the use of the DS5000TK Evaluation Kit.
Test.hex: Text file which can be used to confirm that the KIT5K program can load data into the DS5000T successfully.
DEMO.BAT: This batch file automatically loads the DS5000T with a program to read the time and then runs a PC program to set or display the time sent back by the DS5000T.
DEMODS5T.CMD: This command file directs the KIT5K program to load the DEMODS5T.HEX program into the DS5000T.
DEMODS5T.HEX: DEMODS5T.HEX is a DS5000T program that communicates date/time information between the RTC in the DS5000T and the serial port.
DEMODS5T.LST: This is a listing of DEMODS5T.HEX.
DEMODS5T.SRC: Source code for DEMODS5T.HEX.
DEMODS5T.EXE: This PC program tests the DS5000T RTC by comparing it against the PC clock. This program requires that DEMODS5T.HEX be installed in the DS5000T, and that the DS5000T be connected to a PC COM port.
DEMODS5T.PAS: Pascal source code for DEMODS5T.EXE.
SAMPLE.ASM: Assembly language source code that illustrates techniques for accessing the DS5000T RTC.

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