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Driving a speaker (or headphones) with ARM

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Feb 15, 2011
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Driving a speaker (or headphones) with uC


I hope this is the correct place to post this question. If not, I apologize.

I would like to connect a sound playing device (speaker, headphones), which ever is easier, to my ARM's ( LPC2138 ) DAC converter. My question is, what should the circuitry - that is connected to the ARM's DAC pin - for the speaker be. I am not interested in the quality of the sound, all I need is a rough sound, to see that it works.

I found this circuitry but I don't know if it is at all correct or, what the modifications should be, or if there is perhaps an easier way, since I don't have that specific amp.

The speaker that I have is 5W, 4ohm. The headphones are just your standard MP3 little ones. I would prefer to connect it to the speaker though.

Thanks for your time and any help.
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you can select amplifier according to your speaker watts. If it is a 5w speaker then you can use amplifier with UTC820 ic (8 pin chip) and the circuit is very simple also. Google it. A large number of audio amplifier IC s are available in market , with different watts and many other specifications. UTC820 is one example , for driving low power speakers say 5w.

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if you want to drive a 5W speaker, you need a suitable driver (as others said in previous posts).

For a quick setup that you can use with both speaker and headphone, i recommend using LM386. very easy circuit and single supply.

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