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Drive Stepper motor through Mach3

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Feb 14, 2012
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I want to drive a stepper motor from pc parallel port using mach3 software, is it possible? if yes, then how? i have studied the manuals of mach3, but in manuals all the explanation is about to drive the complete CNC using mach3, i want to drive a single stepper motor. anyone please help me.

Thanking you all

Yes, this is very simple to achieve. The parallel port being controlled by mach 3 uses 2 pins to control each motor- 1 pin sends step pulses, and 1 pin is high or low to give direction (more optional pins such as an enabling pin may also be used) A complete CNC, simply uses 2 pins per axis this way. You can control a single motor by creating G-code for a single axis that you configure in the 'ports and pins' window, or by jogging that axis with the pendant function (accessible from the main screen by pressing TAB button).

Is this relavent to the issue you are having, or are you having problems with your stepper drives?

Thanks h@ro,
I am new to mach3 software and actually i want to drive the motor using pendant function at this stage, i don't know how to do this. If you please give me a simple procedure to drive a stepper motor using pendant function, it will be useful for me. i have designed the stepper driver myself and its working properly. but the problem is actually to drive the motor from parallel port using mach3, mach3 is the problem. I connected the driver step pin and direction pin to parallel port pin 2 and pin 25, but no response. obviously the problem is in my mach3 settings. please help, i am waiting

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