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Double side PCB.. How to ??

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Apr 12, 2005
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San Jose, California, USA
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Hello all
I have the abiltiy to make a single side PCB at home with relatively good performance, using hot clothes iron on a special printed via laserjet printer paper.

But the problem is i don't know how to make a double side pcb!

I thought to make a references in the board to make both sides aligned, but the major problem is how to fill vias with cupper!!

I need to know any method with which i can make such pcb (double sides) at home!!

Thanks alot in advance :)

it is difficult but not impossible ..better you go for pcb manufacturer for quatity pcb

First through via is a pad on all layers of the PCB with a plated hole connecting them; used to connect traces on one layer of the board to any other.

Usually the manufacturer which has a Via machine are capable in making thru via.

If we will try to make it by ourselves it will find difficulties on doing so. Its not impossible but its inifficient when you creat one.

So if you still planning to use double sided board and don't have machine to do a thru via better to used jumper wire.

why not just drill a hole and fullfill it with solder.
it maybe work at low signal rate,but can't work well at high speed circuit

I think its wiser to get it manufactured from PCB Vendor. If you want better finish & quality, you can get from them, also economically it's not viable comparing the cost of equipment you have to invest.


You can try Ahmed Bahgat factory, they can provide you with double sided PCBs.

seadolphine2000 said:

You can try Ahmed Bahgat factory, they can provide you with double sided PCBs.

Yes, I know that they do it there, but it's very expensive if i wanna make one piece ! I am asking about how to make it at home!

Anyway, Thanks,

You can make double side PCB but PTH(plated through hole is difficult.

make one side as like u done earlier and then drill all holes and then align another side with the help of some holes(if regstration hole at 4 corners it is easy) .

what I could suggest is when you create your design, try to minimize the number of vias you have, then if you have vias, try to solder excess metal leads maybe from resistors, so that you 2 layers would have connections. Thats what I did before.

Dear Ahmed
First you have to know that plating the via is impossible at home , so that you can insert any rivets or simply a pin and try to solder from both sides in all the vias that doesnot have a pin through (pins of IC's or any other component) but i think the great problem is in how to solder the vias that contains a pin through , especially if the board contains too many components , i solved this problem from my PCB designer software , but the solution is not perfect for all of the boards
enta tab3an 3arefny

I put a small length of wire-wrap (30 ga. solid) solder to each side of the
via / pad. That way it doesn't interfere with the pin, if there's one.

Hi Ahmed
There is a shop in the downtown called "ram"
on their site you will find a good document about manfcaturing PCB. Also you can buy a double sided photo-resistively coated boards.


Dear Ahmed:
r u from egypt. if yes i can told u about good Fab and cheap one for a D/S PCB


1) etch one side with other side full painted .

2) after that complete the drill .

3) now , similarly do the second side

4) use conductive paint for making via,

5) and you will get ds_pcb.

6) and my help points .

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