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Documents about wireless security

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Jan 27, 2006
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wireless security is good subject?
have any body who care it and have document about it?

wireless security

>wireless security is good subject?

For a project? At what level?

Radio in general or wifi in paticular?

There are two problems to solve in wireless security;
1)preventing someone receiving the signal and being able to understand the data being transfered
2)Preventing someone using a transceiver to pretend to be a authorised node or joining a network they should not be on.

Sending data over an untrusted wired network such as the internet has the same
problems. Bored computer guys at your ISP can read your email as it passes
through their system, the people who control the DNS lookup servers you use to
translate to an ip address could redirect you to a fake site.

The ways of achiving security are well understood. Read any good book about cryptography such as "Applied Cryptography" by Bruce Schneieder.

There are no fundamental problems that need solving in wireless security.

All the problems of wireless security are due to bad implementation and inexpert users.

Encrption algorthims vary in their strength and easy ways of breaking encrption algorithms are somtimes found many years after the algorithm is first published.

When choosing an encryption algorithm the only sensible thing to do is to use an algorithm that has been known for years and which has been extensivley studied.

Unfortunately engineers and programmers often think they know better then the crytographers and make up their own algorithms which usually turn out to have problems that are only obvious to people who have studied cryptography in great depth.
That's a people problem, not a technology problem.

Some problems of wireless security are due to buggy programming such as the buy in the Nokia 6310 firmware that leats an attacker read out the phonebook by exploiting a bug in the bluetooth software in the phone. The problem of buggy software is not specific to wireless devices.

Re: wireless security

Hi wirless security interms of cryptograhpy is an wide area. It involves PKI as well as Symmetric Key methods, and Secure Protocols. If you are explaining what knid of things you need so that it'll be good to help you

wireless security

thank throway18 and moorthi
i studying wimax, wifi security, may be about secure protocol.

Re: wireless security

i have a pdf about WLAN security .

Re: wireless security

sadallday said:
wireless security is good subject?
have any body who care it and have document about it?

hi im interested in the same subjest..if u hv any soft copy of books please send it on my e-mail as i don't hv enough points to download it from edaboard....i shall be very waiting for yr

Re: wireless security

look carefully in EDA Upload book section. There are plenty of
books on wireless security.

Re: wireless security

well, considering intel's commitment to Viiv, wireless security is a hot topic nowadays, at least for WiFi. It is not only WEP, WPA, MAC Filtering, Null SSIDs, etc... even additional IC's are becoming a requirement for generating real (not hard-coded software solutions) pseudo random numbers. It is obvious that wireless security has a future ahead.

Re: wireless security

What are the standalone crypto modules required for WiMax

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