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Documents about designing Yagi Uda antenna

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Feb 8, 2002
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Anyone out there have a good notes on designing a yagi uda antenna. Pls Upload.

yagi-uda of loops antenna

please see antenna handbook by josnik...

application of yagi-uda antenna

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In the file area


you will find:

00Index This file (ham/antenna/00Index)
NEC NEC (Numerical Electromagnetic Code) & Utilities Instructions to build a beam for 40 m band - K5DKZ UHF/SHF Antenna design Antenna design article collection - KB4YLY Yagi Design for 50 MHz and up - WA2TIF, K1DPP, W1JOT Yagi Design program for 144 MHz and up - WA2TIF Antenna Maker v6.0 for common antennas - KM6HG HF wire antenna & transmission line design v3.0 - WB4YZA Antenna system Analysis v1.1 for Windows Drawing azimuthal equidistant projections on earth - NA3T Calculate a double bazooka antenna - Win3x/Win95 - W4BEJ Discone Antenna Design - K5DKZ
elnecdem.exe ELNEC Antenna Design (Demo version) - W7EL Helical Antenna Design for Windows - N2VNO Helix antenna design - OH0NC Yagi antenna with Log-Cell feeding design - OH0NC Excel sheet to design Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays - OH3FG Log-Periodic Antenna Design v2.30 - WB0DGF Calculate mast dimensions needed v1.0beta - KD4NUE Miniloop 1.1 - Small signle turn antenna design - WB4YZA Magnetic Loop Antenna design v3.1 - DK1NB NEC2 w/32 bit reals (MS Fortran for Powerstations) - SM5IUF NEC4WIN Mininec for Windows (Evaluation) - VE3GMI 'patch' microstrip antenna elements design v1.6 - WB0DGF Quickyagi v4.0 - WA7RAI
rhom112.exe Rhombic Antenna Design (DOS) v1.12 - WN1Z
stress.arc Mechanical design for antennas TL Transmission Line Calculations v3.09 - N6BV 40/80m trap dipole construction - K5DKZ Yagimax 3.11 Yagi Antenna Analysis and Optimisation (w/full docs) - G8WRB Yagi Antenna Analysis and Optimisation - G8WRB Yagi Terrain Analysis, with Diffraction v2.03 - N6BV
wrhom204.exe Rhombic Antenna Design v2.04 for Windows - WN1Z Dipole calculations for Windows - N4PVU

yagi for windows by n6bv

here is quite interesting paper.

"analysis of the quasi-yagi antenna for phased-array applications"

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