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Do you hear about this RTOS --- Salvo

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Jan 19, 2003
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Home Page:

Support MCU
8051 Family
Motorola M68HCxx
TI's MSP430
PICmicro MCUs
TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs

It include three versions, Salvo Lite, Salvo LE and Salvo Pro.

the Lite version can download free.

The Salvo requires very mini RAM, I think this is very import for some MCU application.

Hi there,
There were many posts talking about SALVO in the past. I wonder where all those nice posts have gone. :-(

uCOS VS Salvo

yeah! i'm also using uCOS with msp430.

i think the uCOS and Salvo is very different.

uCOS is preemptive mulititasking RTOS, and the Salvo is only cooperative RTOS.
so, uCOS is powerfuler than Salvo.

but uCOS is need more RAM than Savlo. in some situation, the RAM is very very rare!

if i want to use uCOS with, i have to select msp430f149, which has only 2K RAM.

in Salvo User Mannual,(i only get the lite version, :(), the PDF say, Salvo requires very little memory and no stack even if the MCU does not have PUSH and POP instructions, or stack register.

"the amount of RAM Salvo requires is also dependent on your particular configuration. In a RSIC application, each task will requier 4-12(typically 7) bytes, each event 3-4 bytes, and 4-6 more bytes are requiered to manage all the tasks, events and delays"

So i think if the RAM is enough, the uCOS is better than Salvo, otherwise i have to use Salvo. the RAM resource is the first problem for using RTOS with MCU.

UCOS-II doesn't cater for event flags. Event driven RTOS can be very useful in many applications.
Can any body guide me as how to use UCOS-II for event driven systems

Thanks and best Regards

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