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DMX512 16 channel Decoder Microcontroller based ??

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May 18, 2001
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avr dmx512

Does somebody know where I can get C code examples using pic or avr's
to buid a one of this ???

Any help will be welcome.....

Thank you......;)

dmx512 avr

(Assembler Code)

(Lot of general DMX Stuff)

(PC / DMX Dongle with AVR?

Regards Elvis P.

dmx 512 pic

Have a look at Elektor electronics magazine, i 've seen a couple of projects about DMX at 2002, but don't have the issue no. right now.


dmx512 pic

I'm stiil looking for it....Anyboby ???

dmx 512 decoder

there r a dmx512 decoder:SC-008/9(H/L)

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

the SC-008/9(H/L), the 8 or 9 channels pwm(100hz, 8bit) is so good for led.

avr dmx

Now u can reach:

get more information about our company.

DMX512 Decoder Module
1. Conform to DMX512/1990 international standard, ensuring the users to quickly develop and release DMX512-related products at the possible quickest time without in-depth knowledge of DMX512 protocol;
2. Available for 1-9 output channels with 256 grey scale for each channel;
3. Embedded signal output pin, available for connection with LED for indication of module state;
4. Automatic setup of DMX512 initial address, eliminating the problems faced in setting up DMX512 address by DIP switch;
5. Module design, facilitating embedment inside various LED Lamp.

Technical specifications:

Brand name: SC-DMX-00xH/L
Input voltage: DC 8 – 24V
Communication protocol: DMX512/1990
Nos. of output channels: 1 – 9
External dimension: 47(W)*32(D)*12(H)mm
Application: LED light, such as underwater light, buried light, floodlight, curtain wall light, clearance light, etc.

LED Full-Color Light Controller
1. Available for various operation modes, such as multiple interlocking synchronous control, asynchronous control, and DMX512 console control;
2. Synchronous mode: light data transmission through Ethernet (TCP/IP);
3. Asynchronous mode: data access through MMC interface (maximum support for 2G MMC card);
4. Available for arbitrary setup of play mode and speed;
5. Two groups of high-speed SPI serial signal output, with maximum 800 pixels for each group and with maximum 256 grey scale for each pixel

Technical specifications

Brand name: SC-SPI-2000
Power supply input: AC 100 – 240V,50/60HZ
Communication protocol: TCP/IP, SPI
Control points: 1600 full-color pixel points
Rated power: <5W
Operating temperature: -20~60℃
External dimension: 300(W)*200(D)*40(H)mm
Weight: 2kg
Application: LED light, such as buried light, floodlight, curtain wall light, clearance light, etc.

DMX512 Magic Light Controller
1.Available for two groups of international standard DMX512/1990 signal, control of 512*2=1024 light-regulating circuits 2*170=340 full-color RGB lamps), and 256 grey scale;
2. Support computer online and offline operation (effect files stored in MMC card);
3. Support data format generated by the control system software of our company;
4. Support connection of 100 sets of SC-DMX-2000 light controllers to form large light control system, available for control of 100*340=34000 full-color RGB lamps, greatly expanding the capacity of the control system

Technical specifications

Brand name: SC-DMX-2000
? Communication protocol: DMX512/1990 TCP/IP
? Network port: RJ45(10M)
? DMX512 output: RJ45×2
? synchronous signal output: RJ11×2
? power supply input: AC 100~240V,50/60Hz
Rated power: <5W
Operating temperature: -20~60 ℃
External dimension: 300(W)*200(D)*40(H)(mm)
Weight: 2.1kg
Application: Lighting for building landscape and commercial places with LED light source

DMX512 Controller
1. Output international standard DMX512/1990 signal, control 512 light-regulating circuits (170 full-color RGB lamps), 256 grey scale change;
2. Offline operation mode, reading scene files stored in MMC card;
3. Support data format generated by the control system software of own company;
4. Support DMX512 consol control

Technical specification

Brand name: SC-DMX-1000
? Communication protocol: DMX512/1990
? DMX512 output/u\input: RJ45×2
? Display: 16*4 large screen LCD
? Power supply input: DC 9V
Rated power: <2W
Operating temperature: -20~60℃?
External dimension: 130(W)*70(D)*40(H) mm
Weight: <1kg
Application: Indoor decoration: light for hotel, department store, square, restaurant, PUB 3D ads letters, signs and identifications, posters, light box

DMX512 Encoder Tester
1. Available for encoding, and for setup of the address for each DMX512 decoder module (SC-DNX-00xH/L) of own company;
2. Available for one-time setup of different addresses for the DMX512 control system consisted of by SC-DMX-00xH/L(DMX-512 decoder module) of own company;
3.Available for transmission single and multiple channel DMX512 signal;
4.Available for scene function, and for independent setup of DMX512 Start code and value of each channel;
5.Support transmission of DMX512 testing signal by 40Hz or 20Hz;
6.Available for receiving DMX512 signal and for separate display of 512 channels and their respective Start code

Product specifications

Brand name: SC-DMX-512
Communication protocol: DMX512/1990
? DMX512 I/O: RJ45×2
Display: 16*4 large screen LCD
? Power supply input: DC 9V
Rated power: <2W
Operating temperature: -20~60℃
External dimension: 130(W)*70(D)*40(H) mm
Weight: <1kg
Application: Applicable to equipment adopting DMX512 protocol for site commissioning by professionals, and to development inspection and system failure removal for computer light, DMX512 control consol and other DMX512 signal equipment

Introduction to LED Magic Light Control System Software
Introduction to LED MagicEditor
LED MagicEditor is LED effect editing software specially designed for LED lighting industry, which is available for setup of relevant parameters according to the actual project scale, and provides many embedded programmable effects. Through combination of various image elements and calling of system palette, the software can produce various vivid and brilliant changing scenes.

1. Various embedded programmable and visual combined design methods, ensuring easy animation making only by mouse click;
2. Quick insert of characters and images, strong color gradient function, many image transformation functions, special regional editing functions, ensuring more flexible in animation design;
3. Unique picture, text, AVI, and FLASH import function, ensuring easy effect editing by third-party software;
4. Easily generating offline file format required by control system, ensuring more flexible application in engineering

Introduction to LED MagicPlayer

LED MagicPlayer is a web player specially designed for our LED brilliant light controller, which realizes real-time playing of the project files edited by LED MagicEditor through Ethernet.

1. Optional playing speed, maximum at 25 frames per second;
2. Available for time play, ensuring different project files are played at different time;
3. Automatic play (play according to the set parameters in the play list)
4. Ethernet-based transmission, facilitating user’s expansion and reducing investment cost for peripheral equipment;
5.Available for online control of 100 sets of SC-DMX-2000 brilliant light controllers

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