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digital circuit simulation

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Jan 13, 2002
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logic circuit simulation software open source

i'm looking for a digital logic simulator for a small project of mine: should be a program easily interfacable from c (because the c code will generate the electronic circuits). in fact i'd prefer to have the source code and i probably will end up writing my own if i find nothing suited for my task. does anybody know about such a simulator (no spice, thank you :smile:? I need the minimum: basic 2-input logic gates and that's it.
Otherwise, what are the pro/cons of unit delay time and event based simulations?

dcs digital circuit simulator

you mean you need a logic level simulator such as VCS? Not quite grasp your idea. Also you're saying you have c code to generate the circuits? You mean you're writing a behavioral model using sth. like verilog PLI?

For small logic simulator, maybe you can try veriwell (based on verilog), it's free and small.

java protoboard simulation

I know some open-source digital circuit simulators, but they are written in Java.
I think it may be useful for you to learn how they were implemented in case you want to implement such a simulator by yourself.

writing circuit in verilog logicworks 5

are you going to implement delay times and such? if not, i suggest something like vhdl or verilog for behavorial simulation of your digital circuit. you can d/l a free 30-day lic from **broken link removed** and get books anywhere. else you can get something like a@l?t*e@r?a free m*a*x software and use it to write ahdl or vhdl code and simulate w/ their wave simulator
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There is a program call LogicWorks which is made by the Capilano Computing Systems.

This program should meet you needs nicely. It is $80.00 (US) via Sorry, I don't know where one can find an evaluation copy of this program.

Use Multisim, for digital simulation.
You can discribe your hardware in VHDL code and then simulate it.

Take a look at

**broken link removed**

Hi tdo48

Take a look at these links:

(* = e)

Maybe you can find what you need there.


I forgot to mention the following link:

(* = e)

which may be very interesting for you coz it's a digital event-driven simulator which comes under GPL with full source code.

If you want something simple, you can have a look for dcs (digital circuit simulator). The demo currently version 1.1 and was developed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. But I'm not sure whether it can interface with c or not.

I will post the link later


NC*Verilog from C*a*d*e*n*c*e maybe the fastest simulator for verilog. U can try it.

As previously mentioned,

The link is:


have a look

Dear sir:
I always keep doubtting on simulation. For it need so many models and times. If a company have no acculation in this domain, what a big effort will cost! And , the simulate result..,does it really effective?
Any opinion...

Simulation is just a simulation of an actual thing. So it may not behaves as it should be under actual conditions.

However, with good simulator, at least you can have a first look how thing going to behave before you put it on protoboard.

I like mult*s*m, very good component databases (the thing that you are going to actually) and you can vary the tolerence.


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