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Design DC-DC Step up converter

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May 3, 2002
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Hi all, Im about to design a 10-14V to 20V DC-DC step up converter with about 10A output current. Anyone know of any good practical design examples or books (e-books) on how to design such a supply?

If there is anyone with some design ideas or experience on selecting components, especially the coil and where to get them cheap in larger quantity’s I would appreciate comments on that.

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CAD programs

Several IC companies that make switching controller ICs also give away CAD programs for the design of circuits and they also have tutorial articles. These are available for down load from their web site.

if your application does not require isolation a simple boost regulator is a good choice!
it needs minimum components and only one inductor. u can use either voltage or current mode this range of voltage/current component selection is not so critical. mosfets with vds(break) of 50V with current handling of over 40A plus an ultra fast recovery diode or schotkky diodes can be used.

refer to following links for more info about smps design:


dc2dc and ups converter desige

Search MP3 project (PC Based) for Automobiles.
You will find the DC2DC converters there.

I build this one :

**broken link removed**

I prefer to use an Optocupler in the Feedback Line .
and if you replace R15 whith an Poti you can easy change the switching Frequenty
For Power MosFET I use IRFZ48n or for higher current IRF1010 or use more Fet's

For real high output current there are a lot of FilterCaps needed !

I used Siemens cores i think you can get them form any Distributor.

it worked fine in my CAR .


Is there any similar design for high voltage generation for dual high voltage but still with high current.

Mainly planned to be used in deriving the ringing SLIC.

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