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Deposit System for Lab Equipment

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Oct 7, 2009
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I'm working on a project involving as u guessed...depositing lab equipment.

What i am getting problems with is coming up with a security method for it. I am supposed to identify when tagged equipment leaves the lab area without authorization.

Because the lab has power supplies and what not, there is probably stray frequencies all around. the 2 options i came up with were EM tags and RFID tags.

Neither of these have been actually tested out yet though.

The problem with the em tag is that with the stray interference, it might cause it not to work all the time, and with the RFID, the spectral analysis needed would not be able to be completed in a timely manner.

Help please!!

I like the idea of a passive rfid tag on each piece, and readers on every door to track movement.

The passive RFID tag will just sit there and not emit anything unless you are walkint thru the door. That is good if you are doing RF testing in the lab, as you do not want active transmitters going off all the time when you are making sensitive measurements! Man, I get spurious readings in the lab all the time now, and it is virtually impossible to shut everything down to find the source. You do not want your test equipment RFID tags adding to the problem.

Not knowing much about RFID tags, am not sure how well they work when glued directly to a metal surface. Maybe need one with a plastic package that stands the chip a little off the metal surface.

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