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Dell India — Dell India Inspiron 5510 Laptop touch pad issue from day one when I purchased on 8th Oct 2021 - No Support to resolve the issue

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Oct 31, 2021
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Worst customer support ever. I have been complaining about my laptop to Dell over emails and web portal since 8th Oct 2021. There has been no resolution of the issue for the malfunctioning laptop. The customer care representative knows that its a faulty device which they need to attend to and replace the Laptop but their focus is just to keep on installing drivers. Finally they replaced touch pad and technician asked me to sign digitally over his phone and I have done it as touch pad is replaced but dell customer care representative says that technician given feedback as laptop is working after changing the touch pad but its not working technician itself told to me to get replace the laptop as it is 15 days old, but cusotmer care representatives they keep on saying that they have a call scheduled; however, there is no seriousness towards the matter. there is no escalation matrix on the web. High disregard for users.

My touchpad works okay but I prefer to plug in a usb mouse (cost a few dollars at a pawnshop).

I find a trackpad makes it too easy for me to do actions accidentally:
* Press a little too hard
* or press too suddenly
* or move my finger a tiny bit just before I press...

Thus causing me to click where I did not intend. I move a file, or open a program, or navigate to an advertisement. Then I have to undo it.

Moreover the pointer tends to disappear after a few seconds idle. Then I have to search all over the screen for it while moving my finger around the trackpad.

With a mouse the pointer behaves as I want it to. I believe you're better off if you forget the trackpad.

My Dell laptops have no support for touchpad drivers, they say it's the manufacturer's responsibility.

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