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Custom FPGA Graphic Design Interface to Synthesize​r.

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Jun 1, 2011
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Hi all,

I have an application were an end user would need to be able to program/reconfigure a FPGA by the mean of a GUI.

The GUI could be OEM or custom made, yet the logic would be fairly simple and would require only a few function blocks (standard logical gates and timers). Once the program is made in the graphic interface, the user could synthesize and program the FPGA from the PC application. The later process would need to be done in the background, yet translate status and errors to the PC application. Once programmed, the system can run in standalone by using the programmed FPGA.

The GUI application would be very similar to a schematic entry software, yet it would be adapted and simplified to only support a limited amount of function blocks.

I noticed that there are some companies that provide C to HDL converters, but I am more looking at a GUI / Netlist to HDL converter or direct file input to the synthetizer.

National instrument has exactly what I am looking for ( NI LabVIEW FPGA - National Instruments) , but it is too versatile, complicated and costly. I would be looking at purchassing or designing a strip down version of National instrument's version. This version would customized for the specific field of application.

Here are a few questions relevant to this application:

1) Do you know of any third party that has such OEM GUI ?

2) Do you know of any netlist or file standards that would be compatible with the synthesizer for the current application ?

3) Any thought on the feasibility of such projects ? It must be feasible since FPGA schematic entry exists.

4) Do you have any references of similar application or projects ?

Thank you all,

Best regards,


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