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CSTN displays from Optrex

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Nov 18, 2004
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...And other brands of CSTN displays.

I have been searching for a simple, yet comprehensive, display for use in a new project. however, due to my little experience using graphical displays (have used a few with low resolution and monocolor) I need some help to understand a few things.

I have, as mentioned in header, been sniffing on an Optrex CSTN display which you can find at the refference below. This is a Quart VGA 5.7inch color graphical display (CSTN). Peeking into the datasheet it seems for me that the display must be refreshed by user and not by internal driver to keep the image stable on screen (ie. no internal display ram which keeps the image) And there is no possebilities to start writing to display from a given point but the whole display has to be written each time it needs to be updated. Question is if someone has had any experience with such displays and if there is display drives which can be used togetehr with such display which has built in ram and refresher. Have been in touch with Optrex, but they never respond.

The display is to be used together with atmega1281. U may say that using QVGA together with an 8bit mcu is overkill, that might be true but I need the size and the colors (atleast 5bit color depth). For the resolution i can live with less res. but viewing area must be from 3,8 to 5.7 inch.

Second is that if any of you have used other displays in 3.8inch - 5.7inch size (CSTN or TFT (or other)) I would like to get refferences to these displays (datasheet and distributors, and did I mention Price?), especial if the display manuf. have distributors in Scandinavia.

Best regards
Vidar (Z)

Optrex display: https://www.optrex.com/products/partdetail.asp?PartNumber=F-51900NCU-FW-AD

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