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CST MWS far field source for UWB antenna

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Aug 30, 2009
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cst far field source

hi all,

i am trying to obtain the received signal in an uwb antenna, but i couldn't generate far field source.

when i went to solve ==> field source ==> i found that i have to import [simlab ".rsd" or sigrity ".nfd"].

is there any way to generate the signal by matlab or even from within cst mws???


in cst
when u finish ur simulation,in farfield plot there is button for farfield pattern source code that u may need it as farfield source in another simulator
i hope u get me

thanx abdoeng for your reply...

i did manage to generate far field source, but it appears that this type of sources is not supported by transient solver (CST MWS 2008).
is there anyway to generate far field source for time domain analysis???

many thanks

i don't think so
far-field support with far-field button transient only


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I've put 3 snapshots of cst mws screen showing steps i made to create far field source but it seem not working with transient solver.

i would be grateful if someone could take a look at them, and give me a hint.
Hello abees81,
as appears in your 3rd image, the T-solver does not support FF source excitation. The only solver that can do that is their I-Solver (Integral Equation).
Check out the help file under far field source - They say it in the first & second sentence.

However, I can't understand why are you using this feature to obtain your antenna's response...?



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Thanks Pushhead

The idea is just to take a look at the induced current of UWB antenna and its relation to the excitation field.
The signal contains huge BW of 7.5 GHz so if I use the Integral Solver, it means that i have to take so many frequency samples, which i guess will take forever to finish!

CST MWS is agreat software, but i can't believe that those who made it forgot to provide this feature. There must be someway.

Any Ideas???


Hi abees81,
I can suggest two solutions, see what fits you more:
1. Use plane wave excitation on your antenna and define as many monitors as you need
2. Create a 2 antenna TX/RX scenarios where you'll place two identical UWB antennas + all the monitors you need


thanks pushhead for the suggestions

1- i've used plane wave source, but there is a restriction of placing it adjecent to one side of the structure box, which is not a flexable solution

2- creating two seperate antennas and placing them apart creates one structure with millions of mesh cells, and increases the simulation time and memory dramatically.

any other solutions to this dilemma???

Hi abees81,
I can think of other solutions and/or ways to mitigate the long calculation time, but it' will be much easier for me if you'll just send me the archive of your work and tell me exactly what you need to see.


Pushhead, I really appreciate your help...

I attached the structure of a dipole excited by far field source.

What I expect is that the current induced in the dipole is usually the derivative or integral of the incident Field.

so what am looking for is the port signal of the dipole.

thanx alot.

Guys , I want 2 simulate an array of antennas by placing a farfield source in CST and noting down the amplitude of signal recieved in individual antennas , for furthur calculations , how do I place farfield source and note amp of different antennas...

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