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CST MWS 2013 circular polarization input help

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Oct 24, 2014
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Dear All:

I am trying to simulate a circular polarization input to a metamaterial-system. The metamaterials structure contains non-uniformly distributed unit-cells, so I have draw the complete structure (not a unit-cell) and used "open" boundary conditions. I hope the circular polarized beam incident normally to the system and transmit through the structure, and observe its electric field distribution and S-parameters.

The situation is, although I can set plane wave input by create a new "plane wave" (here, the boundary condition can only be set as "open (added space)"). But it does not seem like a real plane wave at all. While propagation, there are large "Z-component" of the field (which makes no sense at all, unless the input is tilted or a very divergence Gaussian beam), and the result is totally not as expected.

The waveguide port input has a very good "plane wave like" property. However, I do not know how to set circular polarization in it. There is no option to directly set circular polarization input for waveguide port; and I can not overlap 2 waveguide port together to virtually create circular polarization (waveguide port must not be overlapped).

So, my general question is, if it has any way in CST MWS that create a good circular polarized plane-wave input to a system and observe its field distribution?

Thanks a lot!

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