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CST MWS 2009 Solver error

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Oct 1, 2009
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Hi, I am currently working with CST MWS 2009. I have modeled a coaxial fed microstrip patch antenna and upon running the Time Domain Solver I get this message, "Solver_HF_TD.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. [we are sorry for the inconvenience.". Has anyone else had this problem and if so are there any suggestions to run this simulation succesfully?[/b]


I have exactly the same problem using a workstation with Windows XP 64 bit, I have installed also CST STUDIO SUITE in a laptop with XP 32 bits and runs correct, I tried in a laptop with Windows Vista 64 bits and also runs ok. I have no Idea what to do in my workstation to make it work, I thing there is some kind of conflict with the computer resources but haven't found jet. If you find dome solution I will really appreciate your advices.



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I think it happens when the virtual memory is too low. Have you ran the CST in same machine in past? If not may be then its god idea to reinstall it again.

I´ve got the same problem. Virtual memory was 380MB but I´ve increased it to 2096MB and the error remains...
The error appears even with included easy examples (eg dipole) so it doesn´t seem a problem of work overload. I supect that it can be related to windows service pack 2 or 3? I´ve got SP3. has anybody notice something in this way?


that problem appear from many reasons:
1- interrupt at running
2- incompatibility of your software with the system operating
3- the memory is not support your simulation project

I had the same problem. I had two different installation DVS's. What I did accidentally is that collection all the files of AMD64 folders of two different DVDs into one folder. Then enjoy your life !

Hi! I have exactly the same problem. I have no two dvd´s. somebody could help me??
Where Can I download SP7?

Hi! I have exactly the same problem. but my windows is windows 7..somebody could help me??


have u noticed that the 3D results (graph) for the far field in the single dipole example of CST MWS dont make sense? the E field appears to be dependent on phi ......
i constructed a new single dipole myself, and the results are again dependent on theta!!!! i am using the transient solver, of course.

help anyone.....

i have problem too, i dun see where the source of this problem
im using win dow 7 32 bits and my laptop is just bought one week ago (toshiba portege R700)
i do not know why the problem happens?

is there any setting that should be done?

I have the same problem! CST 2009 on Windows 7. Anyone knows how to fix this?? :(

try using the newer version of CST (later than CST2009) on your window 7.

So there's no known fix for CST 2009 on Win7? Okay.

i xsure either
i was in the same prob. as u
my solution is by using newer version.

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