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Could any DSP be embedded with an OS, which can do following

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Jan 5, 2006
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As I know the typical dsp application is to put the processor after an ADC
to manage the digital signal...(filtering typically)

what i want to know is whether there is a dsp
that could be embedded with an operation system.(like windows 2000) ??

and then the system could be linked directly to the lvds video ouput.

could it be possible?

why i ask this is because i want a complicated software be applied in a dsp(with its own OS)... to avoid using another cpu to provide the user window.

if you have any comment, please leave it here. it would be a great help.

thank you for reading.

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking and I don't think you are either.

Windows 2000 only runs on x86 architecture processors.

You can have an application program running on top of windows 2000 that processes signals digitally.
A brief search with google suggests that LVDS isn't common on PC's because manufaturers made incompatible versions of it. Froogle finds a couple of expensive pci cards that do DVB-SPI (LVDS) ouput, I'm not sure if that is what you want.

PC's are very fast thse days, faster then many DSP processors though latency may be an issue.

Looking at your first diagram I think you would need hardware to do video overlay along the lines of a TV card in a PC showing a video input in a window.

If you are using a dedicated DSP processor with more MIPS than I PC I'd have though it should be up to showing a few menu's as well.


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do you know how a digital camera works???

actually, what i want to know is whether a digital camera has a dsp dealing with digital imaging signal.

and it obviously has a simple OS that provide simple operation functions for users.

does anybody have any block diagram or schematic of any digital camera??

thanks a lot.

Re: Could any DSP be embedded with an OS, which can do follo

you should consider the use of Texas Instruments DSP and their IDE Code Composer Studio.
It allows SW development using Object oriented techniques (support C++) and it provides a minimal OS (called DSP BIOS) and a graphical interface to configure the low level functionalities (HWI, SWI, Pipes and so on).
The use of DSP BIOS is free (no royalty is due to TI) and allows you the development of powerful applications.




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