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Connector gender standard for backplane/motherboard systems

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Mar 14, 2010
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Recently I have started working in a company that uses a testing system that consists of a motherboard and a daughter board. Motherboard acts as a backplane with most of circuits there, while daughterboard just consists of some headers and connectors that allow plugging the Device Under Test. DIN 41612 compliant connectors are used to connect these boards. Question: what gender of connectors you would use for motherboard and daughterboard?

Currently there are straight male connectors on the motherboard and right-angle female type on daughterboard. The reason why I'm asking is quite simple - I'm about to redesign the system to improve its functionality and during recent supply crisis I literally could not find on market any right-angle female 160 pole connectors. Obviously I found easily male-type and figured that the backplane actually should have female-type receptacles and extension cards male plugs, because this is more popular and that's why components were in stock. So far I've seen many examples like this (PC motherboards, some industrial equipment), but when I tried to find any reference to a norm or standard, I failed. To make things worse, once researched, I found that many products use the opposite approach - backplane has male connectors and extension cards female. Is there any standardised approach to select connectors' gender or you just make your own decision when designing a product based on requirements, safety etc?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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