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configure I2S on LPC2368 kit

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Oct 29, 2012
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I am new to Inter IC Sound (I2S). I have to configure I2S on LPC2368 kit and transfer data between two kits. I read the UM10211 kit mannual for I2S but it is very less for start programming. So please help me or give other material for this. thanks in advance for cooperate.

perhaps this example can help you. (KEIL version)
easily adopt the library file that you need . use and enjoy!
main function is located in I2Stest.c check it out


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Thanking for support, i run this code in keil and get 0 error.
But i want to know the flow (algorithm) to transfer data from one LPC2368 kit to another LPC2368 kit.

this is a bus specification from NXP . it consists of a description of I2S , I hope it, be a good guide for you
**broken link removed**

There is no debug POP up window for I2S peripheral in keil. So how can i check debug status between step wise execution?

Is LPC2368 MCB2300 keil evaluation board support I2S or not? If it support then why keil have no popup window for only this interface? I have code but how can I check that is running or not? I am not able to configure without seeing all register status in popup window. Please suggest me.

thank you for your good co-operation. I made program for I2S master transmitter and Slave receiver. Now I want to know that in transmitter program after for loop of character transmission i have to put long delay before make stop bit-1. Without delay transmitter not send any character. So why delay is required after for loop? Please give me proper reason for that.

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