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compiler for uC/OS-II example program

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Mar 6, 2006
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ucos-ii download

Hi all,

I have posted the message in microcontroller forum, but maybe it is a wrong place :)

i am starting to work with the uC/OS-II. It has some example codes to be compiled and run on the PC, but it says in the book that it needs a Borland V3.1 C/C++ compiler. Does anyone whether I can get a free evaluation version of that?
or maybe someone has tried before with another free C compiler? I am working with Windows operating system.

By the way, I found the ebook link of uC/OS-II book in this forum, but then I think it maight be helpful also to have the example codes from the disk given long the book. I have it, so where shall I upload it?

Thanks for any help


ucos visual studio

Borland has put some of their systems free for personal use. Try:

**broken link removed**

Other free C compilers:

**broken link removed**

Good luck


ucos-ii example

Cab u post souce code in ucos CD ...... im also dng projecy on ucos porting to 8051 using keil.............
sample programs in ucos

kvvsatishkumar said:
Cab u post souce code in ucos CD ...... im also dng projecy on ucos porting to 8051 using ke*il.............

here it is

ucos example


The best book for uC/OS-II is by Jean J. Labrosse. Along with this book a CD will come with software which you can install in the PC and work through it.

For compiling and running in other C/C++/VC++ editors (general purpose), you need to include the library files and kernel and update the registray other wise it won't work.

On the other hand if you are thinking for an embedded platforms, I recomand to go for Rabbit3000/Rabbit3300, which will be a good way of working and exposing your self in embedded world.



ucos-ii visual c

Hi ,
I am new to this forum and new to RTOS.i also want the uCOS ebook,please let me know where can i find the download link,i searched the forum but couldnt find it.


uc/os-ii download for visual studio

hi all ,

Am trying to learn ucos ii ,can i run ucos ii on a win32 api?

Tell me if its possible & Do let me know if socket programming can also be handled with this rtos [simulators].

awaiting your replies,

ucos download

Hi Aswini,

Ya; you can run your application in win32 based PC platform also.

refer the uC/OS-II RealTime Kernel by Jean.J.Labrosse. You will get a CD with this also containing source code and notes for running the application in win32.


ucos freeware

Hi abid_ms ,

Thanx 4 ur msg .

hey u had mentioned these lines in ur prev post:

For compiling and running in other C/C++/VC++ editors (general purpose), you need to include the library files and kernel and update the registray other wise it won't work.

can you please tell me wht are the changes i should carry on to wrk with win32[c,c++,vc++]

i have wrked out few examples with turbo c compiler. but i feel thats acts like a simulator.

Will be glad if you can mail me regarding the changes to be made to work with c,c++,vc++

None of my friends here know it . :cry: and i wish to learn coding ucos ii with win32 app .

Awaiting you mail,


microc os-ii download

Well Ashwini,

Nice to see your thrust in learning embedded n/wing.

Ya; the point of running RTOS application in general purpose computers can be done with C/C++ compiler(s) that uC/OS-II supports in windows environment. It's a good practise for learning the concepts. But, for practical (PG level) or for professionals, it's better to go for embedded target. I recomand Rabitt Core Modules (RCM-3000) with this RTOS. It will give you real feel of working embedded.

Ya, you can as well do the socket programming and simulate the same if your PC is in LAN or connected to Router/Gateway/proxy server(s). I have some samples if you are interested in implmenting any n/w ing stuff like DHCP server/client, Implementing Routing table etc... I can guide you further...

If I am right you are from India only. I am also in India. You can drop your mails to me at for further interaction.

There s noneed of :-( be always :).


uc 11 download compiler

the has a CD that contains a BCC v3.1 with it .if u dont have the Cd may be this file will be use ful it has both BCCv.31 & 4.5

compiler example

I am also new about that topic, How a nice chance to find out this group,
I also have the exactly same problems with the new member. I have uc-os II book, I have cd and programs. I did try to compile them by using borland c and turbo c but I could not. I read from book that labrosse compiled it by using bc 3.1, I thought may be I can compile the examples after I got it.
Could you please tell us the beginners, what topic should we be careful, when compiling?
Second question: Does any body have a very simple task scheduler c code?
Thank you in advance

ucos for win32


This book contains a small useful scheduler in chapter 8. I hope it can help.

ucos-ii c++ application

Hi eveyboday,
Thanks for sending me scheduler, Orlcp440.
I have one more problem. I saw Borland C++ v3.1 and scheduler program sample. But unfortunately site does not allow me to download them, because of my points. Could you please send them to my email.

Thanks a lot

Added after 37 minutes:

Hi here are some microC examples

ucos ii bc45

downlaod watcom it is a free compiler.

sample code for ucos porting

I did it before. The codes work with borland C/C++ 4.5 or Visula Studio 6. If you have visual studio installed, there is no problem. I managed to make it work on borland c/c++ 3 but with some modifications in the make files. You should try it with visual studio 6.
Amr Ali.

uc/os-ii turbo c++

Thank you, I very like uC-OS !!!

microc os ii examples

Hello !
I am machanical engineer. I start study uC/OS-II. I don't knowledge about programming . I compiler example I, report 26 error. I dont . I want to help me compiler example withs Borland C++ or Visual C++ .
Thank you very much !

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