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COmparison of RF Tools

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Jul 29, 2007
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Hello everyone I need to advice for RF tools. I am using Mentor PADS for the pcb designing and we want to rf pcb design which is up to 6 Ghz, multilayer and so on.what we find are
AWR Microwave Office
CST Microwave and PCB Studio
Mentor Hyperlnx

what will be your choice what is the best and worst side of this three tools

thanks in advance

PADS should be fine up to 6GHz, I remember I used it for designing a 5.6 GHz front-end layout.
Better choice for microwaves layout and circuit design would be AWR MWO. The standard version of AWR offers 2D EM layout simulation.

thanks vfone I also want to ask one thing . can AWR simulate power integrity and if yes how
thanks in advance

thanks vfone I also want to ask one thing . can AWR simulate power integrity and if yes how
thanks in advance

What type of circuits you involve into ?? Analog/RF/Microwave or High Speed Digital ??
Regarding to signal type, the solution will be different..

I have 10 layer rf pcb which is design with using Mentor PADS. RF PCB include RF part up to 6 GHz digital part up to Gbps and power parts
I want to simulate analyse

First question is how can I import Mentor PADS document into the AWR without using DXF,GDSII and Gerber(I mean mentor create asc file is ther any method to import mentor pads file into the awr with using asc file). General question is most efficient import/export way between MEntor PADS and AWR Microwave Office
Secon one is
Signal Integrity
Power Integrity
Voltage drops
COnstellation and eye diagram analysis
How can I make those analysis or is AWR capable of the analyze all of them

thanks in advance vfone

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