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Sep 16, 2002
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Hello guys. I would appreciate any comments on this circuit below:
I don't know how it exactly works nor If it woks at all. I assume it must be a joke.. I came across this circuit on the internet they say that it filters out some or confuses the crypto signal before entering the decoder making everything "clear". Just out of curiosity and for study purpose I designed it with MWO "demo version" but what came out was just garbage. L3 an L6 is round on the coax (a Q. in the Q. - how do you simulate this coil round on this coax in MWO or any other RF EDA?)

I know it was a joke and it is not possible but I would appreciate any comments......


Do not worry - it is only mystic device.

20 years ago in USSR was very wide extended mith about magic "mercury antenna". This antenna has mystic ability to receive long way TV signals. A lot of people filled radiator of TV yagi antenna with mercury with strong hope to see picture from abroad. There was another mith - that this "mercury antenna" was radiating strong noise making big QRM for aircrafts. As people say, special service of KGB was searching these antennas with special equipment. Anyway, almoust every second roof in my city was keeping at least one such mystic device.

Best Wishes! klug.

common mode filter

Since the inductive coupling is around the coax, you are interacting with common mode signals. The best you can hope for is the same effect as clamping an EMI ferrite around the coax. The circuit is a random connection of parts and will serve no real purpose. In fact, if you are near a transmitter, the diode in your circuit will generate harmonics of that transmitter. If there are several transmitters you will get all of the IMD products and ruin radio andt TV reception for receivers near you. The coaxouter conductor will act like a long wire antenna.

Since no satellite line signal contains 455kHz components, therefore a unit with a 455kHz cer. filter has no practical use.

April Fool

This is an April Fool type circuit. Not only will it not work, it will cause problems.

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