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colpitts Oscillator design.

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Oct 5, 2009
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i've designed a Common Emitter Amplifier that is working and i've showed my amplifier in figure and gave all detail in figure. but i want to make a colpitts Oscillator and the problem is that,that i don't know how to design Tank Circuit in Colpitts Oscillator. so please is there any one who can design me a tank circuit in my for Colpitts Oscillator that should work on 10KHz Tell me the formulas to calculate the values of Component or design the Tanks Circuit.


I had two pictures so, i'm adding second picture here of my Oscillator.
please help me Thanks


Isn't there anyone can help me.? i thought it's a good place to get help but....... :cry:

yasir_ali86 said:
Isn't there anyone can help me.? i thought it's a good place to get help but....... :cry:

Hi yasir_ali86,

I am pretty sure that there are many forum members which are able to answer your question. However, perhaps they think that you could start some activities by yourself. As it is really a basic task to find the wanted information in textbooks or in relevant contributions via internet. Did you really have no success within the last 10 days (since your first posting) ?

i'm working on this colpitts Circuit for last 4 months and getting no success and unfortunately no buddy is her to help me in my area.
i'll be thankful to you if you help me.

Follow this link - you will see 6 relevant contributions on Colpitts oscillator

**broken link removed**

Good luck.

Thanks a lot LvW..... but i'm saying that as i've showed in pictures (enclosed here) those pictures showing that i've already a designed a common emitter Amplifier for my Colpitts Oscillator.The problem is, i don't know why i'm not getting a trick or technique to design the remaining Tank circuit for colpitts Oscillator. so, i'll very very thankful to you if you design it for me and tell the trick formulas to calculate the values of tank circuit (2 capacitor & 1 inductor).

Thanks a lot.....
please help me :|

Hi yasir,

by accident I've found the enclosed paper. Perhaps it helps a bit.

hi thank alot for colpitts.pdf but in the end of this file has an easy maple script.
Can anyboady change this to matlab m.file because i dont have any opinion in maple.


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