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Collect current of transistor

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Apr 25, 2011
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Collector current of transistor

Could anyone tell whats the difference between collector current (DC) Ic (100mA) and peak collector current ICM (200mA) on the datasheet? Will the transistor be damaged if the current go beyond Icm/Ibm? but what about collector current, is it safe for the transistor to go beyond the max value?
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The maximum allowable DC current collector (Icm)

The actual requirements of different manufacturers on the Icm are different, sometimes very different,
we have to note that the manufacturer should give the test conditions.

Common are the following:

lead according to the collector allows to determine the maximum current Icm.

This value can be large, for example, a transistor Pcn = 200mW, the Icm may exceed 1A.

Using Pcm and Icm, the Pcm = Icm * Uce.
Can be used when examine Icm.

For ex.
Peak collector current (see Note 1) ICM 10 A
NOTE 1: This value applies for tp ≤ 10 ms, duty cycle ≤ 2%.

BJT Safe area.jpg

Regards KAK
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here 100mA gives nominal current value. 200mA is the absolute maximum current. IF current exceeds this value the transister will destroy. This ratio Icm/Ibm gives the relation between collector and base currents. choose base current such that the current current will not exceed the nominal value.

I meant Icm or I bm. Sorry for the confusion.

This ratio Icm/Ibm gives the relation between ...

I didn't mean the ratio.

ICM = Peak Collector Current
IBM = Peak Base Current

So when max values of Peak Collector Current and Peak Base Current are reached, the transistor will be destroyed?

Both Collect Current max 100mA and Peak Collector Current max 200mA are under Maximum Absolute Rating in the datasheet.
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