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Code hanging issue during download of file from server to microcontroller

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Nov 3, 2011
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Basically I'm working on MSP430 microcontroller using IAR embedded workbench IDE. I'm downloading hex files from the server to the microcontroller. My main task is to download the hex file & store it in external flash memory & read it back. I'm able to download 3 hex files each of size 340KB. but the code is getting hanged when I'm downloading 4th hex file. please suggest the solution for the issue.


It would be easier to reply with more info. What you are saying is basically "my car
does not start, could you help me?".
Download from where? From a server through ethernet? From another MCU using I2C?
What are these files? Programs to load to MCU flash and run? (in this case you need
a bootloader).
Or are they other hex files (for example if you have a micro controller, an LCD and want
to display pictures or icons, you can store them in an external flash).
By the way, what do you mean by "hex files"? Are they text files with hex codes
as generated by MSP430's .txt format? (in which case they are programs)?
Other hex fiels?
Why do you want to store hex files, by the way? Hex is a text format representing
binary, but it takes more space. For instance in TI's .txt format, they don't use the
prefix 0x, but simply the hex codes separated by spaces.
Example: if you want an array like 0, 1, 2, 3..., Ti's format would write 00 01 02 03 ...
which takes 3 times more space than the data itself (2 ascii characters + one space
for 1 byte). Therefore you might consider to store in binary, not in hex.


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