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clamping circuit... plzzz help

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Jun 15, 2009
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clamping circuit

hi all,
I want to design a clamping sort of circuit which would produce an output of 0V when the i/p to it is +5V and 5V when the input to it is 0V... the input is not a pure sine wave... its a sine-wavish pattern with a frequency of around 50-60hz...

can someone please suggest me a circuit.. plzzzzz....

thanks in advance...

Added after 1 hours 11 minutes:

hiii all... just to give you some more details about the circuit.. here it is.. the circit that I want to modify is an o/p stage(last stage) of the whole circuit I have..

the whole circuit consists of a vtg follower, the o/p of which is connected to RC filter and then to an instrumentation amp... However, the instrumentation amp produces an o/p of 5V when the i/p to the vtg follower is 0V... I want to design the o/p stage such that the o/p is 0V when the i/p is 0v and the o/p is 5V when the i/p is around 100 mV..

the i/p to vtg follower is a noise pattern which has a max magnitude of 130mV...
i want to amplify this signal so that I can send it to micro-controller circuit...

Can someone please help me.....:cry:

clamping ckts

I think that a high gain inverting amplifier or a high gain inverter can do this task for you.

clamping circuits

hii.. i did try tat.. did not work...
any prob with my ckt development??

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