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Chinese boost converter - 6 amp

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Dec 2, 2010
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I recently bought on ebay this 150w boost converter

**broken link removed**

I have used it to power my laptop from 12v sla battery etc...

What I want to know is that can I draw more than 6amp from this when boosting from 12v to 15 or 16volts. Mosfet is IRF2807 (82amp I think) , diode is mbr2060 (20amp) and has one 78L09 and pwm I think is uc3842 . any issue may arise with inductor , it looks like something good and strong. anyone with experience with it.

purpose is to use my atx supply (500w - with 19amp 12+ v supply) and boost it to 14.4 to charge my SLA battery at 7 or 8 amps.


It is not very likely they call it 150W if it could supply 200W.


Mr. Klausst, 25v dc at 6 amp = 150w okay.
but 15v at 6 amp is only 90 watts.
as I mentioned earlier , the components are rated more than 6 amps.
Is this 6amp got to do something with the inductor saturation current?
I am not talking about taking 200w from a 150watt supply.
I am talking about talking atleast 100 watt from this so called 150watt supply.

If you read the blurb, it says ten amps maximum input current, and I would take that as very likely being the saturation limit of the inductor.

Its probably a fairly soft saturation, but the input current will spike very high once you get there, leading to pretty high stress on everything.

If ten amps is the stated safe limit, you have absolutely zero chance of it working at twenty amps.

Mr. Warpspeed, I don't need 20amps or so, it says 6 and I am talking about 7 or 8 amps. I know it is dangerous if an inductor is saturated and I don't want the switches to be burned or anything like that. so for an input maximum of 10 amps if I could achieve it , is it okay?

They say 10A maximum input current, and if you are planning for 8A maximum input current, from that one would assume it should be o/k.

It is spec'd for a 100W max output without extra cooling and you are planning on 14.4V x 8A= 115.2W so you will need a fan or liquid nitrogen.
Isn't it awfully darn CHEAP? Is it made by a well known manufacturer? Do you trust the spec's? Did they forget to use thermal grease? Is the heatsink made of aluminum or tin?

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