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Check my steps for planning a PCB manufacturing plant

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Jul 16, 2007
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Hi, We are planning to make a mid size pcb manufacturing plant. so far i have planned for the work flow is as follows:

my max board size is a4

1) Drilling the Fiducials using a CNC drill machine.
2) Drilling the DIL holes using the same CNC machine.
3) Through hole plating. (Please advice in PTH.)
3) Mill the track using a laser structuring machine. + mill the other side in case of double side.
4) Routing with sufficient cut-outs.(The same CNC machine for drilling)
5) inspection for milled tracks.
6) Green Coating. (Please advice in this regard)
7) Legend printing.
Store the PCB.+Send the PCB for Mount

9) Solder paste printing (We intend to use semi-auto machine).
10) Load to a casset for loader
11) SMT glue despensing+SMT mount using auto pick-and-place machine+Reflow soldering. (All this in an in-line module)
12) Unload to a casset of an unloader.
13) Step 9 to 12 if SMT mount in both side.
14) Manual hand insertion of DIL items like connectors, etc.
15) Manual solder of DILs using hot gun.
16) Depanel
17) Cleanup for burrs/debris
1 Inspection
19) Store/package section.

Now please advice me if I missed any step or any advice please...

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