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Cheapest ARM Microcontroller.

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Code Warrior

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Dec 30, 2004
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cheapest arm microcontroller

Which part number of ARM microcontroller is cheapest. Please suggest me exact part numbers and other info.

arm microcontroller board

See Philips LPC21xx series, it are ARM processors and cost arround U$D2 to 4.

**broken link removed**

cheapest arm board

Thanks penrico for the link. Are you in ARM? I want to start study of ARM can you suggest me for this.

cheapest microcontroller

I'm starting on ARM too.

Application Notes, and user manuals from Philips are ok.

ARM web site are ok too:, look for documentation.

arm microcontroller cheap

Code Warrior said:
Thanks penrico for the link. Are you in ARM? I want to start study of ARM can you suggest me for this.

That's what you really need to start with LPC ARM:
**broken link removed**

cheap arm7 microcontroller

Why are you looking for the cheapest chip for learning? Cheapest cheap doesn't mean cheapest development system. Also it may not fulfill your requirements.

I think the most suitable chip for learning is LPC2148. bobsanjose already told about embeddedartist. Another low cost development board provider is olimex (

cheap arm development board

Hi Picstudent,

would be interested where you got your information about the costly Philips evaluation Boards? AFAIK Philips does not sell evaluation boards but I might be wrong.

btw. the cheapest options I know are those from , beat Olimex in price easily.

One great starter kit comes from IAR. It includes the LPC2103 board with integrated USB debugger and a 32k limited compiler all together for 99 Euro
Could not find it on their website but saw it at the Embedded World two weeks ago in Nuremberg


cheap arm dev board

As far I know Philips doesn't provide and development board. But they recommend third party development boards and compilers in their website.

Code Warrior, I think, it is always better to connect to the professional and experienced people. The all LPC series experts are there in LPC2000 group. Also they are very active to solve problems. If I don't ask and only observe the group posts, I get many solutions automatically. On the other hand I found average of 4/5 messages per month in ARM_Microcontroller group. At least that is not for people like me who want to learn.

cheap microcontroller


sorry for the mistake.

Actually what I meant costly was keil Development board(MCB2130) Which uses phillips LPC2138. I am having one of them which is costly when compared with Olimex board.

Sorry if I mislead anybody..

thanks for this link which I was not aware

cheapest arm9 microcontroller

Thanks bob and fire for info. Yes that ARM group is has very less member be may be it will grow. Thanks again. And picstudent which ARM you are using?

cheapest microcontrollers


So far not using ARM

Just studying ..

LPC2138. in a Keil development board..


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