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Cell phone health hazards

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Jan 17, 2005
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A recent German research shows that cell phones are hazardous to health. They damage the brain cells and increase the risk of the brain tumours. I do not use my cell phone quite often but still I am wary now. Any comments?

I think it is a very hard thing to prove. They will need massive data and long period of time to prove it. Just like smoking and drinking. They can corelate i guess.

However, if you think of it, we are constantly inside electromagnetic field. If you really want to be safe, you will have to hide in a place enclosed with 10ft of conductor.:D

They(companies) always knew that. Even they left issue in uncertainty. And what is new to us? Microwave oven is coming - 3G. I wont be surprised if it will be known that they did it intentionally.

Sorry for pessimizm .

This and other tech such as computer tomography (one of 10000 participated is affected by cancer)...

I dont find humanity where the money is .

They have invented another thing known as green 8 ;) that they claim reduces the hazard. Wow buy a new thing to get safer.

This should be something like improved shielding or reduced power or combination of both. Do they predict critique ?

They make a problem then give a solution . How kind they are.)

And dont forget to count how many handsets have to be replaced. Today's market is about billions mobiles ...

Only an idiot would think they could put a radio transmitter that produces several watts of energy within a few inches of their head and not expect SOME kind of effect... Do you know anyone that sets their nose against the glass of their microwave oven while it's on and watches their food cook? Most people walk away from a microwave, even knowing it's fairly well shielded. Exposing of tissue to high levels of electromagnetic radiation is GOING TO AFFECT it. This should be intuativly known to anyone that even uses a computer. Exactly how harmful and what the negative effects will be is the only thing that actually requires study. Now knowing this cell phones won't eat your brain out from the inside if you use them frequently, but it's a good rule of thumb to very simply only use it when you need it. It's a sort of obsesive complusion for most people to want to keep in touch with anyone everyone and everything in the information age but sensible use of technolodgy will relegate the ultimate health effects of using it to almost a non issue. And increased shielding for the head will always take a back seat to the fact that this will cause a dead zone in your reception if your head is parallel to the cell tower. Also, just using a corded headset and placeing your cell phone a couple feet away from your head reduces the amount of power you're exposed to by several orders of magnitude.

Well this argument can go round and round. We can say that cars are pumping out polution into the air, and we breathe it every second. How's that for a reality check? The benefit of having something that destroys us long term is just to great to let it go.

But using an earpiece is a great compromise.

The problem is , nobody says to public openly and in clear manner that there are some potential risk of being affected by radiation from mobiles . Of course i am not agree with Sceadwian who is claiming that almost all population of this planet are idiots . No, they just are not electronic engineers . Opposite to smoking there is no warning, just quite quiet recommendations such as incomplete research results that wont be heard by "idiots", but you will be able to find a lot of advertisment on new attractive mobile applications.

I think it's a good idea to use earpiece as it will keep the mobile at a safer distance. Bluetooth headsets are also available but still that device is using EMF to communicate with the cell phone. Maybe that field is safer.

its what we call technology's ambivalence. All kinds of technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Its a matter of trade off, if you go more of the human side of the issue, or the technological or economic side.

nvd said:
A recent German research shows that cell phones are hazardous to health. They damage the brain cells and increase the risk of the brain tumours. I do not use my cell phone quite often but still I am wary now. Any comments?
your cellphone produces only 3 w so it can't hazard you. I think this research was concluded wrong. Because it hazard you if you use your phone on your hears days by days.

ANY level of radiation above ambient will cause some effect on it's surroundings, otherwise no data could be transmitted using it as a signal. 3 watts is definitly above ambient. I'm not saying it's a health hazzard as I know very few people that have large lumps hanging out of their ears or anything like that, and I know a lot of people that use cell phone's extensivly. Including myself for several years, but I don't currently use one on a regular basis. But it's simple contact with additional stimulous not ordinarily encountered that people can't argue with. Exactly what those effects are aren't known. Some have even argued (I can't quote the study this was over a year ago) that people exposed to the higher levels of radiation found within a short distance of cell towers (note tower's not phones) actually had an increased level of mental activity (wasn't precisly defined) The whole thing was probably tripe, which is likey what the current round of medical tests that currently exists about cell phones and exposure to their radiation for either extended or brief periods of time. It takes YEARS (20-30 or more) to run these studies with any degree of accuracy. The effects of these wavelengths and power levels on brain tissue, or even brain neural pathways is a complete unknown, the human body is a great antenna and absorbs and admits RF radiation at a very wide band of frequencyes (who hasn't been near an AM/FM radio that would stay in tune only if a person was near the antenna)

Several very simple points that sum it all up completly unbiased.
NOTHING definativly says increased exposure of cell phone radiation is hazzardous to your health.
NOTHING definativly says increased exposure of cell phone radiation is beneficial to your health.
Prudence dictates if you can't quantativly value the positive or negative benefits of a thing then exposure to it or the state in which it might have it's most effect on you should be limited as much as possible by common sense, until such things are known.
By the way, Artem, most of the people on the planet ARE idiots. Not to say they're stupid or dumwitted, but more to say people are easily fooled by the words 'study' and fearmongering is insanely popular nowdays. I think my favorite example of a very simple proof of this would be on the television show on Showtime called "Bullshit" In which they have a 'protestor' at an environmentalist rally asking people to sign a petition to ban Dy-hydrogen monoxide (water) and a LOT of people signed it, out of some percieved notion of it acomplishing good.

So really the whole entirety of this thread is nothing but pure mental floss untill long term factual studies from reputable institutions come up with numbers that can be directly related to these claims in direct double blind clinical tests of real world usage.

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