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Pic microcontroller projecta

Pic microcontroller projecta

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Car backseat table design

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Jan 13, 2018
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This is one post, to have complete design follow link

Having your lunch or a light meal while you are travelling is a trouble for every one. Some of luxurious cars are now including tables for passengers on backseats.

One approach to have this facility is to design your own using simple steps and parts

1st of all you need to make table top for which you can use kitchen cutting board as table top or you can machine your own . Modify it upto your requirements like cup holding place etc

Next you have to plan attachement to the seats. It depends on the type of seats you have. Here i can write some of possibillities like if car seats have cloth on back then you have to open cover and attach rods horizontally to the frame of seat and if seats came with plastic on back then system's base could be attached with screws directly. base will also provide mechanichal support.

Next step is to dicide about working of system. Some of options are

Single table operating with button.
Centralized system controlled by one keypad or remote.
Manual system
For this kind of simplest operation you just need two kind of parts other than base and top which are metal strips or metal rods which can support weight of served table.attach one side of table to the base

To dicide the length of rod. open the table and place one end of metal strip to the unattached side of top and other end of strip to the lower part of base. mark the point then fully close the table and cut the strip at the middle (this cut will depend on open and close positions only for manual middle will be ok ) drill holes at each end of strip to make moving joints. Finally to lock the table in open position get a ball bearing file it to the half or get one with one half squared and other half round attach it to one strip and make hole of the size to lock the bearing in place

This will be basic setup for all three types of operation adding more parts and making it more easy to use

Single table operating with one button
For this kind of operation we will add

One dc motor
A rod with threads
Dc supply
Click button
Position sensor
To attach the motor there could be more than one ways

One is by removing common joint of base and top fix motor with base and insert shaft of motor in the hole used for rotatation previously . Add lever to the shaft of motor and fix other end to the side of top

And other option is , take a rod with tgreads on it open the table and place one end of rod at the lower half and other half at base cut required length . Now make holes in base and metal strip . Take a nut suitable for rod drill hole at one side and attach with a rivot to metal strip. Repeat steps to attach motor to the base

Now to read open and close positions use click switches as position sensors

Take power from car (such as inserting a 5v charger in cigrate lighter holder)

Attach positive wire to the dc motor through the click button by checking rotation and negative to the left pin

Now attach click switch such that when fully open button is pressed . Attach 5v to the switch and output to the relay which cut the power to the motor. And use to relays to alter the motor supply

Attach output to the common pin and clicking n/o pins will be operated one positive one negative output will drawn.

By clicking switch of supply and then rotation is reversed. Which will be stopped by another position switch by same metod used to open table

Centralized system with one keypad
In this setup you will input 5v to the keypad and one output to one table . Other setup will remain same.

We can also use stepper motor and microcontroller to run this setup.

More details follow posts on link

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