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Can someone help with 80C51?

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Sep 3, 2001
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hi all i need help

Can someone help with 80C51

I need to make Circuit with

firmware serial flash update :?:

i need help on how to do it ????

bye haim

:?: :?: :!:


Give more info for needs, i will help you (i hope)

Best regards. 8)

hi gabby from isreal,

i need to update flash with updated software with rs232 comm from pc


is it Understandable ?! :oops:

haim from USA


Try this link : h**p://w*

There is a lot of examples with boatloader, memory block move, i2c etc.

In this other link : h**p://w* there is another example of boat loader and a ebook to download.

Hi haim

If you are look for new design take

t89c51rb2 (rc2,rd2 for more mem) from atmel (also aval from phillips)

that familliar for rx2 give you the option to reprogramable them from the
rs232 under the system.

for small qty of chips buy in usa try the site
( you can find the rb2 ,rc2-more pack , rd2-more pack)

if you have a another target give more info.

Best regards Gabby. 8)


I believe you are looking for a 8051 programmer. This site have one that uses parallel port for 8051 from Atmel. It also has links to other free AT89C2051 programmers, including ones that use serial port.



hope this help!

Hi haim.

I read a post by hot_ck..... friend that also open my eys 8O

you have also an another comp that make chips based on 8051 core
that go to 100mips !!!!
here the atack for the comp:

**broken link removed**

the chips have also jtag interface for debbug and the ices are low cost
99-149$ (nice price), and also you can reprogram your flash
(need add boot loader prog). or by the jtag.

I think you can also forget from the 80c251 stuff that you are look for it. :wink:

From where in usa you are , i was last year for 3moth in NJ-Tennafly and NY. (i saw also the smoke from the Twins). :cry:

Best regards Gabby. :wink:

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