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CAN protocol implementation using ARm7 lpc2148

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Jan 27, 2013
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I want to implement CAN protocol using ARM7 lpc2148. Now it doesn't have CAN controller inbuilt in it. SO do I have to use CAN controller. I thought of using only CAN trans receiver. Can I see the output on computer. If i have to use both CAN controller and CAN trans receiver do I have to interface CAN controller using serial or any other protocol. Means do i have to use
Microcontroller-->MAX232-->CAN controller-->CAN transreceiver--> Other Microcontroller/computer


Microcontroller --> MAX232-->CAN transreceiver-->Other microcontroller/computer

Are CAN protocol analyzer freely available on internet.
Please guide ASAP.

I havent really gone through the datasheet for LPC2148 but i can say that the chip hasnt got the built in CAN controller.

You can use any CAN controller using SPI bus and connect to an CAN transceiver.

Try using MCP2510 as CAN controller and TJA1042 as CAN transceiver.

uc--> MCP2510 --> TJA1042.

To view the CAN data transmitted or received in a network you must have CANalyzer. Using this tool you can simulate the data as well .
For more info on CANalyzer look at

Hope this post is of some help.. All the best
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Thanx nandu,

I haven't used SPI communication yet. Is any IC like MAX232 is there for SPI communication and does CAN trans receiver connects directly to CAN controller or we have to use serial or SPI communication. Can we use serial communication instead of SPI communication.

Thanx nandu,

Reading this article I have decided to use MCP2510 or 2515 as CAN controller and 2551 as CAN trans receiver. I think I have to write some library for SPI communication between micro controller and CAN controller. And I think CAN trans receiver is directly connected to CAN controller without any specific protocol. And if i want to connect CAN trans receiver to computer can I do that? using MAX 232.

For connecting and seeing the information on CAN you need to have CANalyzer.

CAN can work in a network which has minimum of 2 nodes with max speed of 1MB/s. You need to define each node in the code.

For a CAN pin 2 is CAN and pin7 is CANH.

You can directly connect the pin out from CAN on the PCB to the CANalyzer. CANalyzer is connected to the PC which you can check the information with the right identifier defined in the code...

Hope this helps.. all the best

From your post above it seems that CANalyzer is some kind of hardware. Is that right, but i don't have any such hardware. Pardon me if I am troubling you.

Thanks nandu,
I am downloading CANalyzer, and thought of using serial communication between CAN trans receiver and computer using MAX232 and SP{ for microcontroller and CAN controller.

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