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C Library with voids to interface a 8051 to a gps

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May 14, 2001
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hello friends,

I´d like to know if there is any C Library with voids to interface a 8051 to a gps.
Any help is welcome!



elektroda gps datalogger

Dear 2000
PM me i will send u total source code of GPS interface with 8051 microcontroller and Graphics LCD
pgrmc garmin

mitesh said:
Dear 2000
PM me i will send u total source code of GPS interface with 8051 microcontroller and Graphics LCD

Can you Send me the source code?

gps interfacing to microcontroller sample code

dear mitesh,
i need it . please send me too..

gps 8051 coding in c

visit this site u get link for all
**broken link removed**

8051 code library pin

The code is in ASM,Is there a GPS LIB code in C?

c code library for 8051

it's very simple to make code to interface a GPS receiver, since they use NMEA standard. But if you have this routines written in C code why don't you post them here?

thank you

8051 microcontroller interfacing with gps

hello friends,

actually I need to take $PGMRF but it´s not in the default strings that are transmited each 1 second. How to get it? I´ve tried with $PGRMO,PGRMF,1 CRLF that requests this string but it´s not working.
I´m omiting the checksum *hh is there any problem??
any help is welcome.



c code for gps in microcontrollers

I have never heard about this TalkerID $PGRMO.
Is it sending to GPS or receiving from GPS?

If you send it out you should send chksum by xor all byte from '$' to '*'
(excluding $ and *)

gps microcontroller code

I have GPS code in C for LCD and keypad Interface with datalogger
gps timer 8051

Hello friends,

In the mean time we get the library, anyone could help me with this dam PPS signal??? I've already tried the $PGRMC,,,,,,,,,,,,2 command but it does not work... all the other PGRMC commands work fine... any ideas??? I'm using a garmin 35lvc type...



nmea lib for microcontroller

I believe no $PGRMC.

Only $GPRMC.

AAM - Waypoint arrival alarm
APA - Autopilot format A
APB - Autopilot format B (xte,steerto,arrivalcircle,arrivalperpendicular,
bearing (orig to dest), bearing (present to dest)
BOD - Bearing, origin to destination
BWC - Bearing and distance to waypoint, great circle
BWR - Bearing and distance to waypoint, rhumb line (overridden by BWC if available)
DBT - Depth below transducer
DPT - Depth of water
GGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data
GLL - Geographic position, latitude and longitude (and time)
GSA - GPS DOP and active satellites
GSV - Satellites in view
HDM - Heading, magnetic north
HDT - Heading, true north
HSC - Steer to heading
MTW - Mean water temperature
RMB - Recommended minimum navigation info when dest. waypoint is active
RMC - Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
VTG - Track made good and ground speed
WCV - Waypoint closure velocity
WPL - Waypoint location
XTE - Cross-track error
XTR - Cross-track error, dead reckoning (overriden by XTE if available)

Recognized and supported proprietary sentences are:

PGRME - Garmin Proprietary Estimated Position Error
PGRMF - Garmin Proprietary Position Fix Sentence
PGRMM - Garmin Proprietary Map Datum Sentence
PGRMV - Garmin Proprietary Velocity Sentence
PGRMZ - Garmin Proprietary Altitude Information
PRWIZCH - Rockwell Zodiac Proprietary Channel Information

8051 gps


I meant GPRMC instead. But the command do not work to enable the PPS signal... any sugestions?$GPRMC,,,,,,,,,,,,2 and no good.




Hi, 2000

I am not really sure what are you doing.
As i know and work on it.

$GPRMS is a received message from GPS engine to decode by HOST.

PPS signal is for CTS pin to be checked from program or HOST that you got a signal for precision time adjustment.

Without PPS, you can set the GPS engine to send the signal every 1 - 99 second With $PGxxx (based on your GPS manufacturer)

Please describe more specific problem. and also give some example or error. I think many people will provide help...

microcontroller c code for gps

hello eye and friends,

Let´s explain a little better, I need the PPS signal to be active to make a time base. In this equipment the time base is not for usig in a PC but in a 8051 ucontroller. I´ve bought a garmin gps35lvc gps but the PPS signal is not readly available from the corresponding pin. I´ve searched in the internet and found out that some gps do not have their PPS signal available from factory, this way a $PGRMC,,,,,,,,,,,,2<CR><LF> command must be sent to the module to enable the dam PPS pin. As long as the module receives a correct command it echoes back the same command. I´ve been using hyperterminal to access and send commands to the gps and it works well to baudrate select and all other commands, but the PPS is not working. I dont know whether the module is faulty or I´ve to send some more commands to enable the PPS.
Does anyone here have already worked on this gps using the PPS signal??? Any tip to enable this pin?? I´ve tried the garmin support but they simply dont repply my messages.



Re: gps library for 8051

Hi mitesh can u mail me d codes for gps +lcd+8051

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