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Buy oscilloscope from UK, info needed

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Jun 18, 2009
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I'm looking to buy a DSO.

My brother is in UK and coming home for vacation,so I can ask him to buy one for me from UK.
Can yo guys tell me some place in K to buy one? I'm looking for cheap benchtop or PC oscilloscope with atleast 100MSPS and 2 channels.

and are they available in dutyfree shops?
thank you

You don't say where 'home' is.
The UK is probably one of the most expensive places to buy a DSO, trust me, I'm there!
Duty free shops generally sell cosmetics, alcohol and cigarettes with a few domestic electronic items. If your brother signs a declaration that it is for export, he might be able to buy one from a normal outlet without having to pay 20% tax. If he does that though, there is a small risk that the duty will be payable on entry to your country instead.


I'm from sri lanka

So what will be the price of a cheap scope(2 channel bandwidth>10MHz and sampling >100MSPS) after this 20% reduction?

As Brian said earlier, I am sure you should be able to find things cheaper than the UK! I am not recommending them, but a search for Rigol oscilloscopes (which are sold re-badged as Agilent ones) shows this Rigol Oscilloscope 50MHz Dual CH DS1052E USA warranty | eBay UK It is a lot cheaper than the UK.

Or this - which ships to Sri Lanka for $355US - a lot cheaper than the UK **broken link removed**

Again, I don't know these companies and am not recommending them, but the UK isn't the place to buy cheap oscilloscopes!


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... and this company are not too expensive, although I don't know about shipping costs:

I see.
brian's oscilloscope is too expensive.
I found RIGOL DS1052E one for $351 including shipping.
I'm going to forget about buying it from UK :)

Sadly - a lot of people in the UK have forgotten about buying in the UK !!

I think Keith would agree, even if you find a source of a part here it will almost certainly have been manufactured elsewhere and imported.


I found a long thread which explores Rigol scopes and associated topics:


I wouldn't buy one after reading through a lot of that.

I'd like a new DSO/LA as well but I think I'd have to treat myself to one of the big brands.

You do get what you pay for to a certain extent, but bear in mind that Agilent rebadge the Rigol ones so buying a "big brand" doesn't guarantee you will be getting anything different. I think they do have their own software versions though. At the low price points the big brands have to compromise on performance and/or quality.


I was reading that Rigol manufacture for Agilent, hopefully they don't design for them as they've been found overclocking ADCs in the past.

They are cheap though, and colour DSOs are tempting.

I bought mine from MCS Test Equipment. They are the distributors for Rigol in the UK.

I didn't think the price was too bad all things considered.

There were Chinese companies that were cheaper, but it wasn't worth it to me for the hassle getting it here and then having to worry about sending it back to China if it needed repaired or trying to speak to someone who spoken broken English if I needed help.

Till I considered I'd have to pay clearance fees,duty and vat anyway from China and the hassle to me it was worth the extra little bit I paid for peace of mind.

I paid £270.00 plus vat for a Rigol DS 1052E and got it delivered within a few days.

I like the scope and for what I need to do it works well.

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