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Boosting current from 1A to 4A

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May 6, 2022
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We want a current booster circuit for which we give 100mA as input current and require an output as 5 - 6A current.
Any suggestions on how to design the current booster circuit. Please do let us know.


Boosting current ... without saying what's your
* input voltage range and
* your output voltage range is
Makes no sense.

But mind: in either case you can't "boost" power.
You always get less power at the output than you draw at the input.
Input power > output power.

If output current is about 60 times the input current...then
The input voltage needs to be more than 60 times higher than the output voltage.

If you are talking about AC_in, AC_out, then look for a transformer.
If you are talking about DC,_in, DC_out then look for a DC-DC buck converter.

Other questions are:
* do you want to design and build it on your own, or are you looking for a ready to buy solution?
* what's the goal of it?
* what accuracy and precision do you expect? In values..


Have a window comparator which detects your 100mA...make it switch on a 5-6A current source.

Convert your current to V, feed that to an V to I source -


Eliminate R1, feed input current to R2, scale R2 for Gain. There are more considerations
but this is basic method.

Regards, Dana.

The OP appears to have run away, you can draw 100mA ave from a 110V battery and ( by way of a buck converter ) have 2.2 V out @ 5A - thus preserving power balance

or as suggested above you can charge a good quality battery ( or supercap array ) at 100mA for 24 hrs and then get 5A for 20 mins, thereby returning the battery ( supercap ) to its initial charge state.

The OP's question does not contain full enough information to provide any concrete answers ...

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