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Biometrics - FingerTIP sensor from Infineon Technologies

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May 28, 2001
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infineon fingertip datasheet

Hi Everyone,
I'm working on a biometric finger print recognition system. I chose FingerTIP sensor from Infineon Technologies for this project. I have its documentation in PDF format. If anyone is interested message me.
Also if anyone is working or has worked on this project, I'd love to benefit from your experience.

youll get NO help from me

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i'm interested in your project.


did you try the atmel "FDC4B14" ??

it work verry whell end it less
sensitive to esd tha many other sensor :grin:


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I have reviewed the ATMEL sensor, the main problem with it is that it is 8 x 280 pixels while the Infineon Technologies' FingerTIP sensor is 224 x 288 pixels with 8bit/pixel resolution and it supports parallel and serial interfacing, it is also very friendly and easy to use. The main problem in this project is the encoder/decoder and compressor/decompressor software that reduces the size of the obtained finger print from 64KB to something around 200bytes. I have no idea how does the software actually work, but I'm working on it and hopefully I'll find out more about these stuffs soon.
Thanks for the support from all of you.


image compression ????

is much beter to perfom a edge detection
algo end the store oly the cordinate of
some of specific edge :smile: then whit some fuzzy logic you must perform the reconition

reconition of the whole image let the
chanche of mis interpretation ....
due to variation of position or else ..

whit oly cordinate of some specific edge
even a reversed finger is good :smile:
end this methos is mil prof to he he

but the fuzz logic portion is a couple of mont of verry big job ;-(


Image compression? I'm sorry if it seemed that I'm saying image compression. What I meant was that the Image (Finger print) is encoded first into patterns of some kind and then compressed finally to get 200byte data. I have CDs with alot of information on this project, which was sponsored by FBI for their crime scene Finger Print Recognition and they have really broken Finger Prints that they manage to identify. So I think it'll work for me too.


ok if is fbi endosed it work on the
edge detection manner for sure :smile:

it a bit complicated to explain but
if you need im send it to you a couple
of draing to tryt to explain the principle
of detection :smile:

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I would love to have all the information. Please send me anything you have.

Hi everyone,
I have uploaded the FingerTIP files on Filemanager in IrfanBK folder. Check out the fingertip_readme.txt file in the folder for description of the uploaded files. Following files were uploaded:
1. FingerTIP Databook
2. FingerTIP SDK Programmer's Guide
3. FingerTIP SDK User's Guide
4. FingerTIP Electrical Assembly Guide
5. FingerTIP Mechanical Assembly Guide
6. FingerTIP FAQ file
These files are not present on the Infineon Technologies site (except for Databook).



just in order to contribute a little bit : The compression which the fbi uses is based on wavelet transform - if we mean the same project ....

to irfanbk:

have you fond information?

i need it too...

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Could you make the informartion available at filemanager or by other means ? I am interested on the subject and would love to have more information about it. I would like to make a project with a small microcontroller network acquiring the data and using a PC to validate it.


To Omega

I'd like to try the Atmel device,but it looks like impossible to have a sample!!!

to drsec:

can you share your info/schematic/algo
with us?


Biometric fingerprint Project

Dear Irfan i am intersted in your project please share with me the Biometric Finger Print Project

wavelet transform

hi all have you all ever tried with any image processing techinques like wavelet transform
to match the finger print image , there is a tool box in matlab to do this..... But I dont know that :?

I am starting a project in some related work,concerning an identification system..would you pls send me any helpful material..


Biometric ActiveX controls v2.1 Professional Edition.

The Biometric ActiveX controls can be used to quickly develop any application that requires biometrics as a security method. They are uitable for use with any development tool supporting ActiveX (Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Visual J++, etc). The Standard package includes:
1. ActiveX Control 2. Visual Basic Sample Code The Professional package includes all the above, as well as: 1. ActiveX Controls for use with
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2. HTML Samples 3. Active Server Page (ASP) Sample 4. Visual Basic Sample.

if yor need email me.


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