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Be a "clockitect" - Innovative 4-Digit LED Clock Kit

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Sep 12, 2019
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Hi all,

Many of you may be interested in building electronics DIY kits. Building kits is one of fun and effective ways to learn electronics as well as soldering skill. The most classic and practical kit is LED clock kit for sure. Available clock kits in market provide basic clock features like time and alarm setting. However, if you are looking for a clock kit with more comprehensive functions, more challenging soldering process and larger space for creation, the following clock kit is definitely for you:thumbsup:.

Let’s take a look at the main functions and features:

⭐ Jumbo 4-digit LED display
⭐ Low power consumption
⭐ 12H/24H time format setting function
⭐ Date setting function, the maximum date is 31 Dec 2099
⭐ Alarm time setting
⭐ With internal memory for storing alarm settings
⭐ The system keeps running normally for approximately 1 minute when power off
⭐ System reset function
⭐ Selectable power saving mode
⭐ Adjustable LED display brightness
⭐ Low power indication
⭐ With timer output port for controlling peripheral equipment
⭐ Two power input options: (1) external power input (5.5-2.5mm DC Jack): DC 3-5V Adaptor, OR (2) internal power input (Battery Solder Pads): 1.5V Battery Cell x 3 (Battery Not Included)

The kit includes detailed instruction manual and assembly manual. Clock housing is NOT included but the main PCB comes with two mounting holes for assisting you to unleash your creativity through making your unique housing, turn it into a desk clock or hang it on the wall. Watch below YouTube videos for better understanding how it works:

【Introductory Video】
Besides “introduction”, this video shows the assembled clock with innovative handmade cylinder case (it is too boring to make traditional cuboid case), hope it will inspire you to design your own stunning one.

【Operation Demonstration】
It demonstrates every function and setting of the clock.

【Assembly Guides and Tips】
It tells you gentle remainders before building the clock.

We provide as kit or fully assembled version.

If you are interested, you may directly place order on ETSY shop
?? [url]https://www.etsy.com/hk-en/listing/697326534/4-digit-led-clock-kit-diy-clock-kit?ref=listings_manager_grid [/URL]

Or you may visit our official website for details
?? https://www.alien-1.com

Retail and wholesale are welcomed! Please contact
?? enquiry@alien-1.com / alien1.enquiry@gmail.com
for further information.

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