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anyone knows ELDO simulation software (mentorgraphics)

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Jul 28, 2006
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eldo simulation

anyone using eldo simulation software ( mentor graphics) ????????
i am designing a LNA using eldo

i want to check the input impedance(Zin) of the lna , i did not find any command for that in eldo
in hspice we can use .plot zin(r) zin(i)

but eldo is not plotiing zin

plz help

voltage simulation mentor graphics


I'm using ELDO for analog and digital simulation.
Mostly, after parasitic extraction. I'll re-simulate my design and that's it.

I never done any impedance plotting before. But I'll try to help you.

Added after 47 minutes:


I found this article in Mentor's Supportnet. I hope it useful to you.

If the user wants to get the input impedance in the 2 port configuration and without specifying power at port 2 I would suggest to use the following:(see Eldo RF Tutorials)
.DEFWAVE Zin=50.0*{1.0 + s(1,1)} / {1.0 - s(1,1)}
.EXTRACT fsst label=Zin_r yval(wr(Zin), fund1)

rather than using Z11 (which is not the correct input impedance).

Z11 corresponds to Zin only in a 1 port configuration. In a 2 port configuration Z11 is the input impedance only when the output is open (port 2 not connected).

software simulation eldo


hey but this command works in eldo RF i think,unfortunately i dont have eldo RF , i have only eldo

can u do me a help ??
i am simulating(getting S parameters ) the LNA in eldo , except S11 curve other S-parameter curves are fine
S11 curve is inverted , but with Hspice S11 curve is in correct shape

what i want is .... i want to check whether there is any problem with my eldo software ( some settings may be wrong )

i am uploading the source file and the S11 curve i am getting
plz execute this source file in your eldo and tell me what S11 curve you are getting ( if u have free time )

plotting current eldo

could you post the Hspice netlist, please ?
I would like to compare how the ports are defined.


eldo simulation

I think its not possible to measure input impedance directly.
u can try it by using the calculator.
u can measure the current and the voltage,
divide the input voltage and input current and thus u can obtain input impedance.

eldo simulateur

If you can run sp simulations, you can extract impedance from the simulated S-parameters by some simple conversion.

simulate input impedance eldo

[;z upload the link for the microvision of mentor graphics.

what is eldo simulator

i use to put some source at the input to get IV curve, once u get that in EZwave, there are tools built in to EZWave to calculate different parameters

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