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Anyone has experiance with developping around RABBIT

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May 8, 2001
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Any real experiance with that chip and the Dynamic - C environment.


Try rabbitsemiconductor site.


Have you tried this link ??

**broken link removed**

Good Luck.
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What help are you trying to get? I have done two projects around Rabbit3000 (using RCM3010 -- with ethernet) using Dynamic C.. Let me know what you want.


Ok binnyr,

I need to know about TCPIP and UDP implementation. Did you try to implement one of those, if yes, how easy is it to use their samples to get it run. Does TCP work Ok (no crashes Etc.) how fast is the throuput.


I have also used Rabbit 2000 with TCP/IP stack , but the stack was having some bugs


I develop several TCP/IP projects with rabbit2000.
I also use UDP.

Actually there's no bug and the develpment time is OK.

There are lot of library and examples.

You can try it with the devlopment kit.


Dynamic C

Do you have the latest Dynamic C 7.32?

Rabbit processor

I have worked with this processor. I have a RCM220 board with ethernet connection. If you have any question or need something, PM. You will find a lot of information in **broken link removed**. In this site there are a forum dedicated to rabbit with sofware examples, libraries and information. Regards.
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hello sam:

I have developed a complete payment terminal (hardware was outsourced) around RCM3010.

This system which uses RCM3010 has interfaces to printer, LCD, keyboard, contactless smartcard, magnetic card reader etc... Finally the system communicates over LAN and talks to an Application server and MSSQL-2000 (all runing on WinNT 2000) over TCP/IP *without* any trouble or thruput issues. (ofcourse we had to write wrapper application in VC++ to run on NT systems which sits in between the Rabbit and the Application servers).

Before developing the final hardware, we *first* used the RCM3010 TCP/IP development kit and done a complete POC(Proof Of Concept) development and was able to develope all interface and routines without ANY trouble. The developer working under me knows C/C++ and VC++(about 1 year exp).

I was able to guide him thru the entrie software development pahse and it required only minimum efforts from him. (thanks to the DC and the excellent samples directory).

If you want I can share with you some sample VC code (which is acting as a listner server running on NT) which accepts command from Rabbit and takes necessary actions.

First I would suggest that you try *each* and *every* sample programs in the "samples" directory. Also go thru the smtp and pop examples before starting big projects on rabbit (these pop/smtp samples are good as they are neatly wrriten).

What I found missing in the samples directory is a simple client/server program running on rabbit and it communication with another client/server program runing on NT(application in VC++ and winsock). This I can share with you if you want.

Hope this helps.

Please be free to ask any help.

Thanks all,

I think I'll give it a try.

Rabbit and VC++ Sample Code

Here is the VC++ code (simple MFC dialog based VC++ application) which can communicate with the Rabbit3000 board. Please check the Readme-Please.txt file in the attachment for more details.



Has anybody beta GUI for DC and new version 7.32

pls help me


I've start using PPP on Rabbit RCM2200, to send some data over GSM (GPRS) phone.

Does anybody has samples and can share it to me?


I am working on using RCM2200 to link between other embedded controllers (PIC) with database server running mysql and PHP. Since I am still newbie in this rabbit board, I just modified their source codes in http examples. Not finish yet, but I am quite confident due to its stability and ease of programming.

Anyway, I want to complain about too little infomation on manipulating packet in http protocol.

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