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Any idea howto do Ethernet to GSM/GPRS with Microchip

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Feb 3, 2005
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microchip gprs


Here is an idea. Take the free TCP/IP stack from microchip. But at one end the new ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. Connect the PIC UART to a GSM modem and you will have an instant wireless internet conenction.
OK, so where is the problem. The problem is in the interface to the GSM modem, and the protocol that the GSM is using when connecting using the GPRS.
Any own has any idea what layer of the TCP stack is transfer.
How to convert the Ethernet side into the UART protocol.

The PIC18 from Microchip will do the job just fine, but how is the questions :D

Any idea?

modem microchip

Almost all GPRS modems have TCP/IP stack built in, so your job is quite easy. You will have to transfer raw data, as they are offered by the TCP/IP stack from Microchip directly to the modem, and do the same for the other direction. Of course, you will have to manage the ethernet socket, and also the GPRS connection/GSM modem (configuration commands, dial commands, supervise the status of the modem and of the connection), and also you will have to implement some kind of flow control and data buffering, since the speeds used in these connections are at a big difference.



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gsm + microchip

Hi Pisoiu,

You are correct. I know about this methode as i have already built few project with GPRS and i also write code to the internal software for the GR47.
But i want to use the modem witout the internal stack, there are few reasons for that. Either way, I want to iplament the stack by myself so i will have more control.
Any idea?


hi, i'm a newbie :p i was thinking about the same project a c60 GPRS/GSM modem with wiz110SR serial to Ethernet converter (both ways) does that work?

if you wish to use a PIC18 the PIC18F97J60 has a built in 10baseT interface (you don't need a ENC28J60) see
**broken link removed**

I would use a PIC24 with a ENC28J60 to give more flexibility and power

you download the TCP/IP stack and example code from
**broken link removed**

Your suggestions for the ethernet interface as such are reasonable. If you review the original post and latest follow-up thoroughly, you'll realize that they apparently intend a wireless internet router. Althoug it's not completely impossible to implement it with a small PIC processor, even a PIC24 will suffer from limited memory space in this application. I would rather suggest to design a similar application on top of an OS that has the basic capabilities already built-in, e.g. Linux.

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