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Ansoft Simplorer Vs. Saberdesigner Simulation

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Dec 10, 2001
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Does anyone have some opinion on comparing these two programs on Power Electronics circuit simulation?

From my experience, the good thing for Simplorer is that: it works under Windows Xp environment. While SaberDesigner officially does not, it experients license checking problem when performing simulation. Although you can invoke sketch GUI, when you try to do DC analysis, it will show some error on subroutine. It was said this is caused by the incompatibility of memory management on Xp.

However, simplorer consumes a lot of system resource, especially simulating Switching circuit. When the simulator uses up system physical memory, the PC gets trouble to run smoothly. It is nearly impossible to switch between windows tasks since the computer behaves like a stone at this situation. So the solution is :1) equip your system with crazy large memory; 2) avoid multi-task operation during simulation.

While for SaberDesigner, you can change memory usage mode. Although the system will slow down when the memory usage is more the the system phisical memory, it is much better than Simplorer.

Concerning the outcomes of both simulators, my experience tells me that SaberDesigner would be faster, and its result would be more resonable to accept ( at least closer to my estimation before simulation).

Does anyone else have evaluated these two simulators? Maybe for those applications other than power electronics switching circuits.

If yes, would you please share your experience with us here? Thanks!

using simplorer now..

agree that u need to have ALOT of memory.. the minimum ram u need is 512mb and currently i am running simplorer using 1G ram but still..i cant afford to open too many windows at a time..will cause my system to hang

and one project file can easily take up half of my 256MB tumb drive

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