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Ansoft Designer Annoyances

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Nov 4, 2007
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Listed below are some features of Designer's PlanarEM Results Processor that make it difficult to use and frankly irksome.

I have in the past raised these issues with Ansoft but to no avail. Feedback and suggestions for workarounds would be appreciated.

These issues are with respect to calculating antenna patterns and fields after the MoM computation is solved and are particularly troublesome on large geometries (~10k unknowns). I run Windows XP on a machine with 4G RAM and 2-processor CPU.

1. The waitbar during pattern calculation shows full red (100%) and does not inform the user of the time to completion or the percentage completion. The user is notified with the following message: 'Updating All Derived Data Centrally... RUNNING'. Suggestion to Ansoft: fix the waitbar in pattern computation in PlanarEM so that it provides a meaningful estimate of time to end-of-calculation

2. During pattern calculations of large geometries (and also during the solve of large geometries) the interface locks up. Sometimes the Designer Window becomes blank. This prevents the user from editing a different design while the fields are being computed. Suggestion to Ansoft: Fix the memory / processor allocation in PlanarEM so that the interface does not lock up.

3. When computing a large number of far-field points in a data table, the table is incomplete. As an example, I tried to compute a table with 361 theta points and 181 phi points for real and imag Etheta and Ephi. The table had some of the re(Etheta) points filled with zeros and most of the other points were missing. Additionally, there were redundant blank entries every 5 degrees in theta. My work around: compute separate tables for the desired components. Suggestion to Ansoft: Fix this problem or at least inform the user that the selected number of far-field points is limited.

4. After patterns are computed, changing amplitudes or phases on excitations causes far-field patterns to be recomputed. This is problematic because on a design with several inputs, one wants to change all of the excitations before recomputing the far-fields. Designer starts the recomputation after the first excitation is changed. Suggestion to Ansoft: Add a stop/go button that inhibits field computation until the user is ready to proceed. This also would be helpful in modifying the parameters of existing pattern data.

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