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Anlog IC Design Opening In New England

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Hello everyone: I have a long-term client in need of 2 Analog IC Design engineers. My client is productizing "one of the biggest technological advances in 20 years in the analog-mixed signal space." You will be working on high performance ADC converters and other related products.

Candidates should have solid understanding of designing analog CMOS transistor circuits and analog system-level blocks for performance at high-speeds (10-1000MHz); experience with Cadence Composer, Spectre, and Virtuoso, as well as Matlab and spreadsheets would be best; a solid grounding in simulation techniques for production ICs; a base understanding of how to apply statistical analysis techniques to analyze data; experience testing fabricated parts to measure and improve performance; and the ability to work with mask designers to produce six-sigma fabricated products.
Education/Experience: MSEE, PhD EE, or equivalent experience is required. An ideal candidate would have at least three (3) years of production IC design experience.

I encourage both US Citizens and foreign engineers living in the US to apply. Please contact me at fdv(at)employmentconsulting(dot)com

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