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amplifier 40kHz signal from 5v to 20v

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Jun 14, 2007
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40 khz amp

i want to amplifier the 40kHz square wave 5Vpp signal to 20Vpp..anyone can help me?i try with 741 op amp, but frequency too high cant work.

40khz amplifier

what is the output that you got using an 741 because as far as i know 40kHz with a gain of 4 is easy enough for 741 to amplify....

if you state the source of input and the output to be driven it would be even better...

40 khz amplifier

using 741, the output become triangular, i ask ppl they said its over the slew rate because high frequency 40kHz, so cannot amplify it.

inverter 40khz

then search for high speed opamp in any of the ic manufacturer sites... any high speed opamp would suffice your need...

inverter 40 khz sch

Th 741 will not have the bandwidth to output a decent square wave at 40khz - as you have found out. I discovered the same thing in a school project years ago. We switched to a hotter opamp and the project worked like a charm. I forget which opamp we switched to but there are numerous available that are pin compatible to the 741.

40 khz 5v

thank you for helping, how to know which type of op amp can support? i cant found a sample circuit of it, do u know which model op amp to use and how to use it, if can have sample then better

amplifier 40 khz

**broken link removed**

try visiting this page and select the required opamp by going through the datasheets... if you post the circuit you are using we would be able to know what your requirement is.... because we dont know the source of your input and what your output is gonna drive...

40khz amp

i'm using PIC16F877A to generate pulse 40kHz in order to send to transducer for distance measurement, output from PIC16F877A is 40kHz 5Vpp square wave, so i need to amplifier the signal become 20Vpp in order to operate my system.
from the webench, i don't not how the requirement come from, with Vmin=0 and Vmax=5 then signal frequency 40kHz and supply +/-12v, but why it said wrong value and cant build

and the collector buffer seem like complecated, i'm not so understand how it work

40khz square wave amplifier

The open collector buffer is an inverter with the open collector at the output. Attach, say a 10K resistor from the output pin to 20V and that is all you need to do. To keep your signal polarity the same as the input (not inverted) place an inverter before the open collector one (inverting twice).
Less complicated than an op-amp. In fact, an op amp is not the correct way of performing the task you are trying to.

generate 20v from 5v

have u level shifted the input signal by 2.5V....

i mean to ask whether you are trying to get -10V to 10V output since your opamp supply is just +/-12V....

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