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Agilent e4438c baseband I/Q signal source frequency question

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Jul 29, 2007
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Hello everyone

I use Agilent e4438c in the lab and I need 40 mhz I/Q signal. I create I/Q data with Agilent e4438c I/Q output but I could not configure the frequency to 40 MHz Anyone know hot to do this pls help me

Thanks in advance

could you possibly use more words to explain what you are trying to do? I am not sure I understand what you are saying.

the e4438 has an I/Q INPUT, but does not have an I/Q output. I has one output connector labeled "RF OUTPUT". when properly set up, you can get a 40 MHz signal out of that one connector, and as you vary I and Q analog (i.e. very low frequency} inputs, the "RF OUTPUT" will vary accordingly in phase and amplitude.

the e4438 has an I/Q INPUT, but does not have an I/Q output.
E4438c actually has if equipped with an internal baseband generator option.

The initial post can be read so that the OP has an internal baseband generator option (which one, there are different types). But still unclear what he wants to achieve. And what's meaned with a "40 mhz I/Q signal"? 40 MHz bandwidth is a possible setting of the I/Q Modulator Filter.

I actually see in the oscilloscope KHz frequency I/Q data but I could not generate 40 MHz signal. yeah its unclear how to achive 40 MHz signal

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Mr Biff44 I use the I/Q ports in the picture below


What kind of baseband signal? 40 MHz is the maximum bandwidth, not a signal frequency.

ok Mr FvM thanks for the info. My other question is How can I create the 30 MHz frequency 1 MHz bandwidth I/Q data with using e4438c

From memory.
You need to create a file of the modulated waveform (Look at the literature from Agilent on how to do that ). Once you have the file in memory you select the segment/waveform. On the same window when you select / load the file there is a setup option. It is the frequency of the modulation.

On the Sig Gen Press:
"ARB Set up"

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