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Adding Lumped Elements After CST EM Simulation

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Aug 24, 2008
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Hi All,

I have a circuit which consists of a microstrip patch antenna along with some other pcb traces.
I want to simulate this circuit using CST Microwave Studio first, and later add necessary matching lumped elements to match the antenna.
I am not sure what is the correct approach to implement this. I have seen the following options:

1. There is this "Lumped Element" option where we can define a lumped element network. In this case we have to select two edges in the circuit where we want to add the network (e.g. RLC circuit, touchstone file etc...). However, with this method I need to simulate the circuit with the lumped elements and I am unable to tune it with different lumped component values. It will be time consuming if I were to re-simulate with some other lumped component values.

2. There is another option "Discrete Port" option where we can specify a discrete port by selecting two edges. But I am not sure whether I can use this for my purpose.
Can I select two edges in the circuit, for example 1st edge as one of the capacitor's pad and the 2nd edge as the second the other pad of the capacitor?
And then simulate the circuit and after completing the simulation add these lumped elements in the simulator to match accordingly?

Thanks a lot!!

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